The Beginning

Dresden + SnowdropsI have been looking for a meaningful time to start blogging- I have so many exciting things coming up this year that I want to share!  The coming of spring, the season for all kinds of new beginnings, seemed like a great time to begin this new adventure, and so here we are!  I took one of my favorite works-in-progress out on a little photo shoot this afternoon with the kiddos, and I was so happy to discover some long-forgotten patches of snowdrops blooming out in the woods.  These Dresden Plate blocks will have about 22 matching friends, if I remember correctly, about half of which are already pieced and appliqued down to their backgrounds.  The perfect fabric for the center of the flowers  has yet to make itself known to me, however, so this quilt may have an extended time line while I ponder the possibilities.  I like to put my subconscious to work on problems like this while I jump over to something else for a while.  By the time the blocks are all pieced and appliqued, the answer should be clear!

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