We’re Moving!

Quilty BooksToday is Tuesday.  We move on Thursday.  And still I can’t bring myself to pack this last shelf of books.  I just might get a tiny break and need some entertainment- or maybe I’ll think of something I need to look up- or… you just never know.

Creating your Perfect Quilting Space

This one especially, needs to stay beside me.  I am so excited to move into my new studio!  After a couple of years of sharing “studio space” with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it will be heaven on earth just to spread out.  It’s a big open room so I’ll definitely be  bustin’ out the graph paper and the colored pencils for a little design session.  I am by nature a planner, so nothing will will make me feel more at home in my new space than measuring it, drawing it to scale, and playing with little paper cutouts of furniture and work triangles.  I see a big IKEA run in my near future.  And maybe the antiques mall, too.  I can’t wait!!!

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