Making for me!

Orchid Dress 2

I made a dress for me!  My 7 year old has been reading every book he can get his hands on about ancient Greece and Rome and I think that’s what had me dreaming about a full, drapey dress like this.  Remake it in white and I’ll be right out of Clash of the Titans ( the awesome 1981 version I grew up on, of course- I haven’t seen the new one.)

Orchid Dress 3

Amazingly I had the perfect crinkly orchid fabric in my stash, gleaned from the remnant pile at G Street Fabrics in Washington D.C. before we moved.  I used quilting cotton and some twill for the belt.  All supplies on hand and the whole thing completed in a day and a half- how often does that happen?

Orchid Dress 4

I didn’t make any special adjustments to the dress to accommodate my belly- the fullness of the style was enough.  I’m hoping I can keep the dress in my repertoire after baby makes her appearance.  Hopefully I’ll be tying the belt a little tighter soon!

Orchid Dress 5

One thought on “Making for me!

  1. Jessie,

    I wondered if you made the dress–it is so beautiful! Yes, just like Andromeda 🙂 . So great that you can still wear it after the baby comes!


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