Yay Design Wall!

Yay!  We finally put up my design wall a few days ago and I am so pleased with it.  It’s a pretty low-tech solution- just two sheets of fiberboard wrapped with black batting and attached to the wall.  But it looks nicely finished and it’s much bigger than any other design wall I’ve been lucky enough to own and I am just thrilled to have it.  As intended, I immediately put up my little embroidery pieces and got to work designing a set of patchwork pillows out of them.

Aster Pillow In Progress

I have a great knack for making things complicated (husband snickers in the background) which has resulted in some very intricate projects that I’m really proud of, but has also led to a whole slew of things that don’t get finished for months, years, decades…

Pillow Thumbnails

So true to form, my first sketches for these pillows included several different pieced blocks, mini appliqued orange peel blocks, 1 inch mosaic squares, and the like.  I even started prepping the shapes for the applique.

Orange Peel Cutouts

Then I had to step back and ask myself if the embroidery really needed all that intricate accompaniment, and when I thought about it, it did not.  I decided it would look great and be done in a day if I just did a little strip-piecing of some favorite fabrics.

Aster Pillow In Progress 2

I figured out the length of strip I would need, put two pins that distance apart on the ironing board, and started cutting strips free- form with scissors, not deliberately cutting them “wonky” but not worrying about getting them ruler-straight, either.  Stuck up on the design wall in pretty much the order I cut them, I was happy with them and got right to sewing!

End of the Day

I love “The Pile” that develops while I’m working on this kind of project.  The patterns and colors seem to vibrate when they’re surrounded by so much variety.  Flip it over, rummage through it, and I’m bound to discover some combinations that I wouldn’t have thought of if I used a more disciplined system of cutting.  I don’t even mind folding it all back up again when I’m done, because it’s just another chance to enjoy all my beautiful treasures.

End of the Day 2

But we’ll get to that some other day.

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