My new love

First Project 2For years I have sworn that I would not learn how to knit.  It’s not that I didn’t want to have lovely little hand-knit things, it’s just that I feared for my quilting projects- the turnaround time from idea to finished project is already long enough around here!  But a while back I started reading Alicia Paulson’s blog and falling in love with her style and all the lovely little things she makes…

This one almost got me (especially with the sweet calico dress underneath!)  but I was able to resist…

Alicia Paulson's Winter in Portland
Photo by Alicia Paulson, used with permission.

Then she made this:

Alicia Paulson's Silver Clara
Photo by Alicia Paulson, used with permission.

and it was all done for me.  I had to learn to knit.  I have to have this dress!  And then we went and moved to a house just a few miles from the Yarn Mecca of the East  (I swear I didn’t know about it until after we signed the lease!)

The Mannings 3

The Mannings 1

The Mannings 2

Just look at all this gorgeousness!  How could I not learn to knit!  So, Garrett took Friday off from work to be with the kids so I could spend all day with Sara at  The Mannings learning how to knit!

Here is my lumpy little first project in progress- this was about lunchtime on Friday-

Humble Beginning

And here it is looking slightly better after a nice Eucalan bath and blocking.

First Project 1

This yarn was calling to me as I left the store at the end of the day…

Malabrigo Rios

And it said don’t forget to buy my friends, the circular and double pointed needles you’ll need to make me into a hat and scarf… and how about a pattern or two… folks, I am hooked!

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