A Garden Date

Hershey Gardens

Real Date Nights are few and far between around here, but yesterday morning came pretty darn close.  Garrett and I strolled about the beautiful Hershey Gardens, taking hundreds of pictures and munching on Twizzlers, went out for lunch together, and generally enjoyed an almost kid-free morning.  (An infant sleeping in a baby carrier doesn’t add much to the conversation!)

Of course we took the requisite photos of the roses and a few other flowers that caught my eye, like the graceful Japanese Anemone bud below. I really want to draw some of these.

Anemone Bud

But what I was really on the hunt for was great foliage.  I’ve been looking for interesting leaves around here, but the August weeds just didn’t have what I was looking for this time.


This is what I’ve been looking for.


There are so many great shapes and textures of leaves out there!  I am really excited to draw as many of these as I can- I actually laid awake last night, thinking of all the patterns I could make out of these!  I’m obsessed!


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