A Day Unplugged!

What to do when a hurricane knocks out the power:

Play Monopoly with the whole family

Hurricane Monopoly

Finish knitting project

knitting with bea

Finish hand sewing project

Star-leaf quilt block complete

Take a walk and rejoice in the crisp, cool weather that blows in after a hurricane blows out

summer walk

And, after eating mostly crackers and Lebanon bologna all day and wondering aloud how far we’d have to drive to find an open Cracker Barrel, (nursing mamas get hungry!) rejoice again when the power comes back on after only 14 hours!

Although I’m sure being without power would rapidly have lost its idyllic charm had it been much longer than a day, (especially because we have an electric well pump) this day made me feel extremely lucky to be surrounded by the family we have created and grateful that we were able to enjoy being unplugged, together.

One thought on “A Day Unplugged!

  1. That’s like a snow day when you are a teacher. I always thought of them as a gift and did things I never seemd to have time for in normal time. Glad a power outage was all you suffered in the storm.

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