Creepy Colors

This morning we woke up in the dark to flashes of lightning and the sound of distant thunder.  The storm got to us just before dawn, and you could barely tell the sun was up through the ominous cover of bruise-purple clouds.

Storm at Dawn

Storm at Dawn 3

I wanted to take pictures of the color but I admit that I darted out and then right back in.  Not a storm I wanted to be caught in.  As the sun rose, the sky turned a pea-soup green and then finally a pewtery purple as the rain started to fall.  It was a gorgeous storm to watch.  It dumped on us for at least an hour and lightning struck close enough to pop the surge protector on the TV and printer.

Storm at Dawn 7

Stormy Palette

I can’t resist an interesting color combination and so I had to pull a palette from some of the photos.  I would love a wardrobe makeover in these colors.

And this one would make a great quilt for a guy.

Storm at Dawn 11

Stormy Palette 2

And the river is flooding.  Again.  Yeesh!  Last weekend the neighbors got tired of moving all their lawn furniture to higher ground and just tied everything to the trees. I give.

2 thoughts on “Creepy Colors

  1. Beautiful colors!! And yes, definitely ominous as well. What an awesome sight. I just love hearing about the continuing chronicles of the neighbors and their flood activities. It’s hilarious that they just gave up and tied things to trees! I think I’d be at that point after one flood. Poor neighbors!

  2. I LOVE awesome thunderstorms! And what a bonus to get such a beautiful array of colors from it. The neighbors and their crazy antics–what a sideshow! They may have to tie the house to the trees if it gets any worse.

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