Winter Pretty

When the fall foliage was in its full glory, I was sure I’d be depressed to see it all fall to the ground.  If I was lucky enough to get the baby to sleep while Garrett was home and it was still light out, I’d race outside and prowl around the yard, up and down the creek,  photographing every tree from every angle.  I loved fall.

But winter is so pretty.  Maybe it’s just because it’s all we have right now, so we might as well find something to enjoy about it.  I’ve been taking just as many photos this winter as I did in summer and fall.  It becomes a game, an exercise, trying to find something that still looks pretty when so much of the plant life out there is hibernating, matted and dull.

The azaleas look like spring all year long.

Shocking lavender and magenta brambles against the deep earthy neutrals of old tree trunks.  Makes me want to run to my stash and begin pulling fabrics for something new.

No shortage of decaying wood around here, it supports all sorts of pretty fungi.  🙂

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