River Quilt

I couldn’t stop thinking about a winter palette last night, so I pulled some colors from a photo of my favorite trees.

And designed a quilt with them.

All fabrics available at Pink Chalk Fabrics

I wanted a quick and fun quilt to put together.  This is sort of an expansion of the book stack quilts that have been popping up everywhere.

Stacked Books Quilt by s.o.t.a.k handmade

Bend the stack into a graceful curve and suddenly it’s a river.

Every day, all day, I look out the play room window at the water, just to see what’s going on out there.  These colors, the dove and taupe of the Sycamore bark, the rusty orange of the oak leaves, the slate blue-green of the water… have been in my thoughts for months.  I really should make this quilt.

One thought on “River Quilt

  1. it looks gorgeous……….thanks for sirhang a final pic…….and thank you for being part of the SAL……….wished I could pop by and check it out hanging in the shop for real………

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