I love freezer-paper-English-paper-piecing

Hexie Stack

I am working on an exciting new project with these little guys!  I keep the stack on the kitchen table and work on them a few at a time whenever I can steal a minute away from Little Miss Teething Troubles.

Hexie Love

The stack is coming along rather quickly- I love English Paper Piecing!  It’s the best way to get something done in little bits of time.

Hexie Love 2

And, it’s spring.  Hooray spring!  No more filling the heating oil tank every month!  And pretty flowers ‘n’ stuff.  We didn’t have much of a winter this year so the warm weather isn’t as exciting as it might otherwise be.  We were kind of hoping winter would go out with a bang and give us just one big snowstorm before all the flowers came out, but they’re here, so might as well take pictures of ’em.

Magnolia Stella

Magnolia Stella

So, Happy Spring!

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