Spring Palettes

Just a couple of pretty palettes today.

Redbud + Twig

Which do you like better?  With green or without?

Redbud + Sky

I’ve always liked earthier palettes, always favored espresso over black, until this year.  Lately, I’ve been going crazy for cool bright colors + grey and black. Think pinky-purple thistle, grape Popsicle, bright navy, plus white, cool grey fog, and black.  Maybe a touch of fuchsia.  Swoon.  Black makes the other colors pop, of course, but so would the white.  What I am crazy for is the edginess the black gives to the otherwise girly sweetness of it all. I have bits of black working into all of my upcoming projects (and I will share them if and when I ever get two hands free at the same time and start sewing again!  Blogging can be done, and is being done, one-handed with baby on lap.  Sewing, not so much.)

I’m not the only one in the house going gaga for black right now.

We were at Target picking out nail polish and my sweet little 3 year old Vi, given the choice of any number of pinks and purples and all sorts of colors suitable for little girls, opted for black.  What can I expect, I suppose, from a girl who was reciting large portions of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas at age 2.  Lots of excitement in store, I believe, as this one gets older!

3 thoughts on “Spring Palettes

  1. Jess, I love both palettes! I definitely lean more toward the first one, with the green. Although green is usually considered a cool colour (right?!) this one looks much warmer to me than the first and goes better with my usual colour preferences. But I agree with you that there is something very beautiful and eye-catching in this cooler and slightly starker palette.

    I love the story about Vi — I can’t believe she passed up pink and purple (which she declares as her favourite colours at least 10 times a day) and picked black! Silly girl. Thanks for sending the palettes – I could stare at both for hours, they’re so beautiful!

    1. Stark is a great word for it!
      Lately I have been really itching to deep clean, to declutter, to maybe grow up and start filing important things that come in the mail instead of just leaving them in a heap on the desk. Basically to bring some serenity into our crazy household. So all of the sudden it makes sense why I would switch to crisp, cool palettes after a lifetime of cozy earth tones. Thanks for the insight!

      Oh, and you’re right, green is technically a cool color, but this one has so much yellow in it that it feels really warm to me. And the pink feels cool! It’s all subjective.

  2. Jessie, I agree with Amy that the first palette suits my personal taste more–I tend to gravitate to the deeper, earthier colors. But I think it depends on what I was going to do with it–I do get what you’re saying about the second one, with the brighter colors offset by the splash of grey or black–there are are applications where that would definitely work, like a dress for Vi for example! Which is why I can’t believe she passed up pink nail polish for black–our little girl must be growing up and broadening her interests! So funny–she can always surprise you. Hope baby bee takes a long nap soon so you can dive into your creative pursuits. Both palettes are beautiful! -Mom

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