561, or Photo Fail

561: the number of pictures that had to be taken of my family in order to get one, reasonably decent Family Photo.

Background:  A couple of weeks ago I wrote down the sweet little story of my new fabric collection, Jasmine Tea, and sent it off to Jason at In The Beginning.  I wrote about how I designed it while taking care of my newborn and how I was thinking about how long Garrett and I have been together and how sweet my family is and all that flowery stuff.  Which was all true.  In response, Jason asked me for a family photo to put with the collection for Quilt Market.  Which caused me to realize; we haven’t had a family portrait done since our middle child was a newborn, 3 1/2 years ago.  Hmmm.  Wonder why.

So I had this idea that we would drag our loveseat out somewhere in the yard and sit on that for the picture.   In my mind we would look like a band on an album cover, some of us casually looking the way of the camera and some decidedly not looking at the camera, but we’d all look cool as cucumbers and hip in our individual ways.  Well.  After my darling husband and sisters dragged the couch into four or five different spots, (I was baby-wrangling, I think) it became clear that there is more than one reason why we are not in a band.   Although I have to say, these pics are pretty priceless.  I have half a mind to frame a series of these to hang on the wall.

That was about the point where we gave up for that night.

The next day, I shoved the camera in my sister’s hand just one more time as she was trying desperately to get back into her car and leave and we plopped ourselves on a bench next to the driveway and asked her to try a few more shots.  Like, 300 more.


I had asked her to just keep shooting in case one of the kids should happen to make a decent face that I could Photoshop onto a decent body and maybe from 10 different shots I could cobble together a Frankenstein family where everyone is looking at the camera and no one is picking their nose or trying to slide off the bench unnoticed…  anyway, so she did.  Keep on shooting.  and right at about shot #543, there was one, just one, where everyone looked reasonable happy, (no Photoshopping of heads), the lighting was good, and so, here it is.  The only family photo you’ll probably see for another 3 1/2 years.

I do love my family so.

7 thoughts on “561, or Photo Fail

  1. Jessie, these are all precious, although probably in unintended ways! They are the ones that, 10 or 20 years from now, will bring back the best memories, of how life with 3 little kids was in reality! Although it is nice having ONE photo where everyone is happy and not doing anything unseemly! 🙂 Hopefully your kids will forgive you for publishing the others!

  2. This post makes me feel so much better about my own family photo debacles! I so admire your relocating furniture outdoors for your shoot–don’t think anyone in my family will ever allow me to do that. Love the photos nonetheless 🙂

  3. This brought a huge smile to my face! You have a beautiful family that is definitely full of characters! 🙂 And #543 was worth all the others (though I totally think you should frame a series of the out-takes…jaller99 has it exactly right!) Hope to see you tomorrow…and I’m hoping you can teach me how you paper-piece…it looks like fun! Also, your first fabric line is beautiful…can’t wait to see the next one!

    1. Thanks Elle! Honestly I treasure the memories of our efforts even more than the actual picture! I would love to show you how to EPP! I actually want to start teaching that so I could use a few test-subjects first! See you tomorrow!


  4. Beautiful pictures Beau and Beth! We truly apreeciatpd the time and attention you gave Havanah’s senior photo session. Thanks so much for squeezing her into your busy schedule!

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