Violet’s Blankie

So it’s time for the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, eye candy for all the poor folks who couldn’t make it to Quilt Market this past weekend.  Click here for many, many more quilts to ogle:

I’m showing off a little cuddle quilt I made for Violet .  I made it a couple of years ago when she was tiny, but this being the year of  Tangerine Tango I thought it would be a perfect time to show this one off.

This kind of quilt is pure fun to make: pulling fabrics from the stash, auditioning them, whacking off pieces on a whim, then making it all fit together in the end.  I chose all the fabrics to go with the Anna Griffin animal print in the center of the blocks- which we bought a couple years before we had Violet, just in case we should ever have a little girl who might need a quilt 🙂

I love how the fabrics seem to fade into one another without too much contrast, but my favorite part of the quilt is the padded silk border.  I made it with a double layer of batting encased in muslin before wrapping the silk binding around both sides.  It’s something I’ve seen on fine Japanese quilts and wanted to emulate, and I thought it would make the quilt extra nice for a little one to hold.  It’s backed with plush Minkee, so I didn’t quilt it.  (so, it’s technically not a quilt, I know, but it still looks like one to me!)

Oh- and my other favorite thing is the big chunk of red-orange fabric with the white blossoms on it- this was a souvenir that my mom brought back from Japan, so I love that it sort of stands out from the rest of the fabrics.

I made the quilt before we knew that Violet would turn out to be an all pink and purple kind of girl- but now Evelyn is using it in her car seat, so maybe the colors will be more to her taste.  Certainly the fiery colors suit her temperament thus far!

Oh and thanks to my in-laws for having such a photogenic front porch!

6 thoughts on “Violet’s Blankie

  1. Beautiful quilt. I love the way you have photographed the quilt. Makes the quilt stand out, and such a beautiful background – but it doesn’t take away from the quilt.

  2. This is so gorgeous – love the oranges and you’re so right that the prints just fade into each other. I was wondering what was different about the border – 2 layers of batting – what a cool idea! Love the execution!

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