Pretty Umbrella Girls Charity Quilt

Just wanted to put out some quick pics of the charity quilt I worked on at today’s DC Modern Quilt Guild sew-in.  I bought the focus fabric because I wanted to use the red-pink-orange trees in some pillows for Violet and Evelyn’s room, and I didn’t have any plans for the little umbrella girls, but they are so cute and cheery so it seemed perfect for some charity sewing.  I picked a bunch of bright fabrics from my stash for the strips-

It’s an interesting balance finding fabric for a charity quilt, right?  They have to be fabrics that I’m willing to “give up” but I still want the finished project to look like it was made with care.  I want whoever receives the quilt to feel special.  So several of the fabrics are new and haven’t even made it into their intended projects yet, but I included them anyway just to make it extra-pretty.

Don’t mind my crummy cell-phone pictures.  It’s late and I have to get to bed so I can get up and drive to Philadelphia for a quilt show.

Umbrella Girl Blocks

I made some progress today but I would have made more if there weren’t so many interesting people to get to know at the meeting!  Life is rough, right?

I’m thinking of a young adolescent girl as I make this, so I probably won’t send it to the pregnancy center that the Guild selected this year.  Maybe I will send it to the Hershey Medical Center with the other quilt that my Mom and Aunt and I put together over the summer.

And because Elle made me aware that Evelyn Bea has grown quite a bit since I last posted pictures, here she is doing big girl things:

Big Girl Bea

Lest you should think that I am still sewing with a baby sleeping peacefully at my feet.  Not quite.

6 thoughts on “Pretty Umbrella Girls Charity Quilt

  1. Sweet, helpful Evelyn! We LOVE the beautiful, happy fabrics you picked for the quilt. Those quilt guild meetings sound so fun! Enjoy the quilt show today. We’ll be thinking of you, Mom and Evelyn as we mow the lawn and then slave at the computer!!! (Hopefully we will accomplish something tangible.) 🙂

  2. Jessie, it was great meeting you on Saturday! and I’ve got to say, I love, love, love those sketched leaves in black and white on the neutral fabric. So pretty!
    See you next time,

  3. Not quite is right! What a cutie, and so nice of her to vacuum up your excess threads! Will you send her to my house next? 😉
    It was great to see you Saturday – I definitely didn’t get as much accomplished, but wow did I have fun! See you again soon (and I’ll take some pics of the fabric I was talking about tonight or tomorrow)!

  4. What a sweet little girl! My oldest daughter’s name is “Bea.” Actually Beatrix.

    Maybe I’ll see you this Saturday!

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