Chain-Piecing Ad Infinitum

My new fabric line, Jasmine Tea, is due out in stores next month!  So exciting.  I should have my preview yardage in hand any day now.  Tonight I’m finishing a pattern to go with the line.  Sewing up the test version in solids and I kinda like it this way.

Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum.

Back of Bringing home Dolly

I always love the backs of quilt tops.  Sometimes I love them more than the fronts. It’s like a puzzle.  Can you tell what the pattern is from the back?

Did I mention Gus and I are learning Latin together this year?  Homeschooling is cool like that.  My Latin name is Paula.  Pronounced Pow-La.  Kind of like a superhero name.  My girls already have superhero names.  Evil-Lyn and Ultra Violet.  So it’s high time I got one.  Lots of Girl Power in this household.  Lots.  Bringing Home Dolly Quilt top

14 thoughts on “Chain-Piecing Ad Infinitum

  1. Oh I just love this quilt. The back is delicious too! I did’t know you had a new line coming out. So cool. I took a little peek at the quilt samples and I love the last one best. I do so love a good Storm at Sea quilt. So pretty. And set on point is my absolute favorite! So pretty Jessie! This is so exciting. Do you know where they are going to sell it locally? Or online too.

    1. Thanks Katie, I love the fuchsia best of all too!! In The Beginning usually tinkers with the color/scale of my prints after I submit them, but as soon as I gave them this collection I told them I had to have the Fuchsia Tile print! And they were gracious enough to give it to me.

  2. I love that pattern you’re using for a background here. I’m a sucker for geometric stuff. And what a sweet little bowtie, or whatever you call it quilt you’re piecing up.

    1. Hi there!I’m just letting you know that I put a link from my ncoive dollmaking blog to your chemise pattern. I’ve referred to your very helpful page when making chemises and shirts for myself and my hubby, as well as doll’s historical underclothes. Thank you very much for sharing your know how. It’s much appreciated.

  3. Hey, Jess! I always loved looking at the back of quilt tops – and cross-stitch projects – too! I just can’t wait to see the samples of your new fabric! Yay!
    How cool that you are learning Latin — I always wanted to learn that language! I really want to look at his textbooks. So what is Gus’s Latin name?! “Evil-Lyn” and “Ultra-Violet” — sweet babies!!
    We are so inspired by your accomplishments, and hope to have a VERY productive weekend of finishing up the last of the yard work for the year and most importantly, getting TONS of teaching projects done. There is so much to do to get ready for the next semester, and so much left to do for this one it boggles the mind, but we WILL conquer this mountain of work somehow! –Amy and Bonnie

  4. What is that fabric you used for the background? It looks so great! I’ve never seen a quilt quite like this before. I love the color of the bow ties.

    How awesome is that that you have a fabric collection coming out. What other lines have you designed?

  5. Oh!!! Big lightbulb going off. I thought the fabric was kind of gray and dyed somehow to be whiter on the outside edges of the squares, but now I realize it must be the seam allowance making it a brighter white. It looks really cool!

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