Jay McCarroll

Me 'n' Jay McCarroll

The Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild had Jay McCarroll in as a guest speaker and they were kind enough to invite nearby guilds to the party… Four happy souls from our DC group drove up to see him and we had such a good time.

I have never watched Project Runway*, so I don’t know what he was like on TV, but sitting there just talking to us he was such an approachable and likeable guy.  And funny.  He whiled away three hours flitting between stories of growing up in rural Pennsylvania (Maybe that’s why I liked him so much, we are Homies) to living in an attic in Amsterdam and back to New York.

* I never turn on the TV so I only ever end up watching what Garrett turns on, which would be whatever sport is in season or some esoteric comedy that’s only suitable for late-late night viewers.  Anyway…

Jay McCarroll

Now after his TV stint Jay Designs fabric for Free Spirit and it’s such great stuff, really unique which is really what the industry needs more of.  But, and c’mon now, the shop where he spoke did not have any of his fabric there for sale!  There was a room full of women adoring this guy and soaking up his aesthetic and they had not one fat quarter of his fabric there for us to purchase.  They had months to plan this…  I hear (and I say) over and over again how hard it is to find fresh, on- trend fabric in the established brick and mortar shops, it seems like the designers I really love can only be found online and I don’t know what to do about it except open up my own place.  I’m sure it’s harder than it looks 🙂  But it’s on the list.

Thanks Jay for a great lecture, I will be purchasing your fabric online, and thanks to the Baltimore MQG for inviting your neighbors for the fun!  We need to do more together in the future…

4 thoughts on “Jay McCarroll

  1. Interesting! Wish I could have gone. I’d seen him on a few episodes of Project Runway and he does seem nice and personable with a bit of an edge, just a fun guy to hang out with. Too bad you weren’t able to pick up any of his fabric there. That’s a bummer, but it’s great you’re ordering it!

  2. Wow, that sounds really cool — how crazy that they didn’t have any of his fabric there! When we go to music workshops, they always have shelves of music books from the publisher or composer who is hosting the workshop. It’s such an easy sale when you have a speaker there, getting everyone excited about their stuff! I can’t wait to see his fabric — hopefully you’ll have it in time for the weekend or maybe Thanksgiving.

  3. So glad to hear it was fun and that Jay was a funny guy just like he was on Project Runway ten years ago! I am really surprised that he didn’t bring along some of his fabric to sell or give away.

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