Palette Parade- Snowy Canoes

Hi folks,

One of my most favorite things to do is put together color palettes.  Here is one from a favorite winter photo I took last year.

I designed a quilt to go with it!  And I was going to pull some fabrics but my both my stash and my local quilt shop were lacking in the shadowy periwinkles.  So.  Time to shop.  but here’s the quilt:

The block is called Castle Walls.  There are a couple of different ways to put the “castles” together, and if you like the more asymmetrical layouts, I think that a handful of these clustered in one corner of a quilt would look just smashing.

4 thoughts on “Palette Parade- Snowy Canoes

  1. I LOVE this palette! So beautiful, so wintery–my favorite season! 🙂 The quilt design too, it’s so unique–you must find the periwinkle so we can see it come to life.

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