Palette Parade- Market Bouquet

Last week I did a snowy winter palette, and honestly I’m not sure I would ever get tired of rich neutral, wintry palettes.  But this cheerful palette is for my friend Anjeanette, who doesn’t think the mid-Atlantic winters are so awesome.  I got this bouquet at a farmers market in the dead of summer, and photographed it just as the sky was trying to rain. The cloudy sky made the cerise really pop and gave the greens a moody bluish cast.

I am so grateful that Pink Chalk Fabrics has granted permission for me to use their images to mock up quilt patterns!  I have long admired their carefully curated collection of modern fabrics.

1.Free Spirit Designer Solids Red Plum 2.Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Berry 3.Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Cerise 4.Michael Miller Fabrics Cotton Couture Cherry 5.Etsuko Furuya Echino Ni-Co 2012 Cycling Pink 6.Carolyn Friedlander Architextures Hatch Plum 7.Jay McCarroll Center City Portland Uptown 8.Alison Glass Lucky Penny Bike Path Magenta 9.Carolyn Friedlander Architextures Map Grass 10.Patty Sloniger Les Amis Faux Bois White 11.Metro Living Circles Fuchsia 12.Moda Grunge Basics White 13.Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet Swiss Chard

This quilt pattern is called Maltese Cross.  If you use 15″ blocks like this, it will finish 64×85, perfect for napping on the couch or for my little girls’ beds!

7 thoughts on “Palette Parade- Market Bouquet

    1. Actually, early this morning found me in the basement, pulling fabrics for this quilt- I have a big stack of fuchsia, enough of the purple-ey tones, and of course my fuchsia tiles fit perfectly! I could totally make this quilt, well almost totally- I have almost no interesting whites. Need to get on that.

  1. Wow that one really speaks to me. I sure do love these colors. I am wondering how you pull the colors out of the photograph? Do you have a tool to do that or is it just a selection process in photoshop?

    1. Saw your answer on Flickr. thanks! Adobe’s photoshop eye dropper is a great tool! Now I am wondering about the quilt layout how you build those? Will you be making some of these quilts?

      1. Oh my Gosh, Frederick! I wish that I could make a quilt a week! I figured designing a new one every week, at least in pixels, would give me a little bit of that thrill of a completed project! I use a combination of Electric Quilt and Photoshop to mock up the patterns. Sometimes just Photoshop. But I do have a nice stash of fuchsia fabrics so this one may actually come to fruition one of these days!

  2. Oh Jessie! I adore this. Just the perfect thing to bring some happy colors to the winter. I have to laugh though Jessie. You are in Purple DENIAL! You need to call it your new favorite color though.

    I love the mock up too! I try to put pencil to paper every day to spark my imagination. So fun to see you doing it digitally;) Keep it up, please. I love it.


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