Work in Progress Wednesday

I’m so excited about my two newest works in progress- because new projects are so much more fun than already-in-progress projects 🙂

I cut both of these out over the past week.

This one is all my own fabric in the green and blue colorways that I haven’t really used yet- plus lots of light solid triangles.  It’s going up on the design wall this week.

This one isn’t getting design wall-ed.  I like having something I can sew together without thinking right now.   The Heather Ross piggies were my jumping-off point when choosing my fabrics.  It combines a few of my fabrics with a bunch that I “had” to buy because they matched my fabric, but it still needs something… maybe a warmer reddish-pink?  I’ll look around next time I get down into the fabric dungeon.

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6 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday

    1. I think you might be right. I had a plum-raspberry-ish solid picked out but then I pulled it. I’ll see how it looks again! And I didn’t really go through my stash when I pulled these fabrics- they are all from a recent purchase that’s not been put away. Who knows what else I have that will work here!

      On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 12:20 AM, Jessie Aller

  1. The pink one speaks to me also, but mostly because I just love sewing little strips of this and that together, leftovers from projects or not, then putting them away for a while and picking them back up when I need some easy sewing time.

  2. What are you making with the triangles? I am making a quilt with 6.5 inch triangle stars. I really like the Heather Ross print. I’ve never had any of her fabric.

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