For the first time in what feels like months, no one in my household is sick.  We had one final checkup this morning for miss Evelyn Bea, who got the all clear from our now-beloved pediatrician.  No one has been seriously ill, and for that I am always thankful, but it’s been a series of small sicknesses, robbing us of productivity, robbing us of sleep, seemingly since Christmas.

Hard as it has been, isn’t there something about a sweet little bundle of baby who needs you?  One morning a few weeks ago, Garrett came down to find that I had spent the entire night sitting up on the couch with poor Bea nursing an ear infection, and all I could say to him was “more!”  I do hope that more kids are in the cards for us.  I love mothering and I always hoped for a big, boisterous family.  We’ll see 🙂

I feel like this whole winter has been a fog, from which we are only now emerging.  People are sleeping through the night again, so if I need to I can stay up and get things done at night.  The day light is coming back, we’re making plans for fun outdoor projects.  We are looking forward to spring!

Back in the morning with a pale and pretty palette.


3 thoughts on “Emerging

  1. Sweet baby Bea!! That is an adorable photo, and she’s got her little baby Jack friends! There’s nothing better than a sweet, sleeping baby in your arms or lap. It really must be the hugest relief just to have everyone healthy again! Yay, productivity! And Yay, healthy, happy, hopefully non-crabby kids!!!! Can’t wait to see another palette. Spring brings so many wonderful photo opportunities in nature!

  2. I’m glad everyone is feeling better! Lack of sleep and sick kids are never a fun combination. Do you have 3 or 4 kids? Your post pulls at my heart because I am 99 percent sure I don’t want to have any more kids. My husband and I are trying to decide.

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