Palette Parade- Aquamarine Glass

This pale blue glass bottle came from an antique mall nearby.  A few weeks ago when Garrett took the kids for a weekend at his parents’, that was the first place I headed.  I was actually looking for cobalt blue glass, but the first rule of antique malls is that if you go in looking for something specific, you are sure not to find it!  I was bummed at the time, but since bringing this (and a few friends) home, I realized that this color goes with just about anything!  Today I’m pairing it with pale green for a nice soothing palette.  I have plans, though, to pop in some orange flowers and lots of white linen in the background.  I think that will be just smashing.  Have to order the flowers though.

Fabric Images courtesy of Pink Chalk Fabrics
1.Denyse Schmidt Shelburne Falls Deco Fans Willow 2.Free Spirit Designer Solids Arctic White 3.Moda Bella Solids Feather 4.Robert Kaufman Quilter’s Linen Platinum 5.Moda Bella Solids Ruby Ice 6.Lucie Summers Summersville Spring Tread Lime Juice 7.Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Honey Dew 8.Monaluna Modern Home Mod Boxes Blue ORGANIC 9.Robert Kaufman Spot On Mini Dot Pond 10.Trenna Travis Bekko Tatami Aqua – Home Decor 11.Trenna Travis Bekko Swirl Aqua – Home Decor 12.Valori Wells Cocoon Shine Aqua – VOILE

For now let me say though that if anyone wants to make this quilt for me, I pay in fabric.

5 thoughts on “Palette Parade- Aquamarine Glass

  1. Oh what a beautiful color palette . I am so happy you went in the direction of aqua instead of cobalt. I love it.

  2. Jessie you captured the glass and it’s friend the chrysanthemum very nicely in both the photo and the palette for your quilt design. I love that colored old glass with raised lettering.

  3. Of course, I would always gravitate toward Cobalt Blue first, but I just love the delicacy of this aqua-blue. It’s just so soothing and nice to look at. I LOVE the quilt — I particularly like how the “chain-link” (I guess it’s the swirl-aqua) pattern fabric sort of changes the look of the blocks. It’s so interesting to look at! — I guess it’s because the pattern is bigger than the rest, but those blocks are definitely my favorites. Beautiful!

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