Bringing Home Dolly Sewing Pattern

I did it!  I finally filled in all the info and published my dolly carrier pattern on Craftsy!  I had this huge mental block about re-typing all the fabric requirements and such.  Took me two months to suck it up and get it done 🙂 But here it is, the project that I dreamed up to go along with my Jasmine Tea fabric-

Because I had all things baby on my mind when I was designing Jasmine Tea-I designed it during that little “honeymoon” period with a newborn when they are so sweet and squishy and cuddly and all you want to do is hold them and carry them around all day- so it only seemed fitting to design a doll carrier so big sister could carry her baby around too!

The pattern has two sizes, to fit dolls up to 14″ or 18″.  The dolly quilt features sweet little butterflies which you can make from tiny scraps.  And I even included instructions to make a matching child’s quilt!

I’m so happy to finally make this pattern available – my 4 year old uses the samples I made every single day to put her babies to bed, and I’m sure the children in your life will love it as well!

If you use the pattern please send me pics, I would love to see them!

11 thoughts on “Bringing Home Dolly Sewing Pattern

  1. Congrats, Jessie! This is adorable! My nieces got baby dolls for Christmas and I’ve been making them clothes. I think they each need a carrier as well!

  2. Now I wish I had or knew a little girl to make this for. My girls….ie…daughters and granddaughters,nieces are all too big now. 😦 but I will have to purchase pattern for a future project. Thanks Jessie.

  3. Congratulations, Jessie! It looks like a great pattern with a lot of projects, and your cover photo is perfect. Best of luck with it, and hope to see some more patterns from you in the future!

  4. Jess, we LOVE this pattern, and of course, the cover photo! This is such a great idea. It would be so fun for little kids to have a homemade quilt for their dolls and a matching one for themselves!! I would have loved something like that as a kid. The carrier and quilt just look so cozy! Every little girl should have one of these. It would be really cool for you to come up with more bonus-patterns to add on to this — just different quilt designs, if the dolly gets tired of the old one… :-), and perhaps even doll clothes. Anyway, we’re so happy for you that this pattern is published and hope it will do really well!

  5. you’re so very talented. i love this print, it remdins me of children’s books where you just get lost in all the fun details of the page (a la richard scarry or marc boutavant).

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