A new tool

I have a new tool-

My entry-level Singer, 15 years old, finally died on me a few weeks before Quilt Market.  The same day, I found out that my newest fabric line wouldn’t be ready to show at this Market.  So, kind of a crummy day.  After being all sad and sentimental about the machine for about 12 hours (hubs gifted it to me when we were newlyweds), I realized it was rather fortuitous that my fabric wouldn’t be showing- now it made sense to skip Quilt Market and use the money we had set aside to buy a better quality machine instead.  I was bummed to miss Quilt Market, especially since it was in Portland OR,  but without any fabric to show, it seemed like a pretty easy choice to trade the nebulous benefits of Market- attending lectures, spotting trends, sourcing notions..  for the very tangible benefit of being able to sew.

I got a  Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter… it’s a discontinued model which figures because it was the one I wanted- I just want a machine that can sew nice, straight seams really well and really fast.  I did not want a touch screen or a million different embroidery stitches or a laser level- I just want a machine that sews.  I’m like my grandma when it comes to technology; I don’t want to learn how to use something new, I just want to turn it on and have it work. I’m making my old-lady crone face now.

So, it is discontinued, but my local quilt store still had one in stock, so double-bonus.  I got the machine I wanted at a nice price, they got it out of their inventory just in time to go to Quilt Market and buy some new stuff for the shop!

It really is a workhorse.  1600 stitches per minute!  It’s heavy and sturdy.  My productivity is through the roof.  Other than that I don’t feel compelled to gush about the machine or to review every feature so I’m not gonna fake it-  I am glad I have it; I needed it more than I knew, and that is that 🙂

Here’s the first thing I made with it:

It’s all fabric from my stash, and the piecing went insanely fast.  I really did fall in love with the machine a bit.  I’m trying to decide if the quilt needs a big black border or not.   What do you think?

12 thoughts on “A new tool

  1. Well I love it hjust as it is…I’m not sure about the black border. I guess I would try it out on a design wall but I actually love it as is. I feel you want to search out all the different fabrics from your stash. I feel the black border might take away from that.

    1. Thanks for the opinion, Johanna! If I don’t put a border on it, then I kinda want to bind it in a color that’s not in the quilt, like reddish-orange or chartreuse, for some kind of accent. We’ll see!

  2. That’s so fun that you got a new machine! And it looks like that one will be just about as “fun” as mine to lug to sewing days.

    1. I agree with Johanna. I love it as is. Find a fun backing, and you’ll have a great picnic quilt. : )
      New machines are very fun. You’ll love the Viking. I bought a small one a while back to take to classes and retreats.

      1. Oh no, don’t go encouraging me to go buy new fabric for the back- how about a semi-boring back that I bought on clearance some time in the past decade? Does that do anything for you 🙂 Glad to hear you are a fan of Vikings, though!

    2. I know, it’s a thousand pounds! and it didn’t come with any kind of case. I think I’ll be bringing hand stitching to the sewing days for a while!

      1. Semi-boring works too. : ) Especially when you picked it up on clearance. This coming frm one who bout m-o-r-e new fabric Saturday at our quilt club. It is for a class I’m doing next week, though. : )

  3. Yay for new machines! Sometimes simple is best 🙂 I love that top! I think it looks great without a border, but either way will look great.

  4. I love the idea of a chartreuse binding! It’s gorgeous, and hooray for your new machine! Can’t wait to see your new line!

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