A good day for applique

Looks like a good day to sit by the window and sew.

I love to watch a storm blow in.  Dramatic, beautiful, little bit scary, making you realize just how big the sky is up there.  My favorite kind of day.

The huge raindrops make a pretty pattern on the sidewalk.   Later I’ll send the kids out to puddle-stomp and make muddy footprints all over the porch.

I finally sewed this appliqued panel into a pillow this week!  I never had a plan for the arrangement of these shapes, I just sort of piled them on there.  I love how it turned out.  Everything I did here, I want to do again on a bigger scale- the orange peel shapes, the random curvy hand quilting, the neutral colors with just a bit of bright color.  I’m glad I at least have something small that I’ve finished, though!

In other news, are you on Instagram?  I finally upgraded my phone so I could join, and I’m finding it really hard to get back to blogging now that I’m on IG!  It is just so easy and informal.  Love it.

7 thoughts on “A good day for applique

  1. I LOVE those photos of the stormy sky. We were having a nice time yesterday doing teaching work at the computer, watching the storms outside, but not so much of a good time when thunder woke us up at 3:45 am today! Oh well. We’re just glad we won’t have to water the garden! I absolutely adore this pillow — it looks SO restful and beautiful!!!

  2. What a gorgeous pillow! I love how the overlapping orange peels give it so much texture. Would love to see how you apply this on a larger scale!

  3. The pillow colors look a lot like the colors you captured in the storm photos. I love the hand sewing you did on the front. I think it adds so much personality to it.

  4. Mmm, my favorite kind of day too! I was so enjoying lying in bed listening to the wind, rain, and thunder–wished it was Saturday so I could stay there longer! Love the pillow, beautiful pattern & colors. I love the randomness that somehow comes together into a beautiful kind of order–really nice!

  5. This was a beautiful post, the sky the raindrop patterns the amazing applique pillow! Instagram seems to be changing our world once again but I hope you find a way to fit it into your journaling here. Still living in the smart phone dark ages at my home. 😦

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