Modern Solids

So, I got one more surprise from In The Beginning Fabrics- I had asked if they had any scraps of their Modern Solids that they could throw my way.  In stead of scraps, I got this:

A fat quarter bundle of the whole range.  Yum yum….

The Modern Solids are cross-weaves, which means that two different colors of threads are woven together to make a solid.  Jason from In The Beginning chose threads with only slight color variations, so the effect is very subtle- but it gives the fabric more depth and it’s just a little more interesting than a plain dyed solid.  It’s a really wonderful idea.

My favorite part of the bundle is the lovely range of neutrals that’s hiding under all the color:

The fabrics are a little sturdier than Kaffe Fassett’s shot cottons, but not as thick as Robert Kaufman’s Carolina Chambrays.  In fact the weight is really similar to other quilting cottons, which makes them perfect if you’ve been afraid to quilt with the shot cottons.

Tonight is the hand-sewing club at Patches, so I have these cut out and ready to go!

Thanks again, In The Beginning!

One thought on “Modern Solids

  1. Wow, lucky you!!! I have seen those on their site, and they look beautiful. I think I like the look of the two threads better than the crosshatch fabric or quilting linen lookalikes I’ve seen recently. I just got some new fabric from In the Beginning. It’s called Modern Bloom I think. It’s very pretty and kind of folk artsy with a modern edge.

    I have a bunch of your Jasmine Tea I’ve collected the past few months and need to make something with it. The design will be kind of scrappy because that’s how I like quilts and I think the biggest cut I have a is a yard (probably mostly 1/2 yards). I wonder what I should make!

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