Color Palette- At the Seashore

I am dreaming about our trip to the beach in a few weeks…  Since we homeschool, we have the luxury of waiting to go until September, when everyone else is back in school and the beach is nearly deserted during the week.  And the weather is so much nicer, too!  I think that going to a beach packed full of people in the searing summer sun is pretty miserable, trying to keep track of all the kids in the crowd and watching your camera and feeling faint from the heat.  But last September it was cool and nearly deserted and we had free reign, casting far and wide for interesting shells and digging pools in which to keep the sand crabs we kept finding.  I can’t wait to go back!

I used a favorite pic of Evelyn from last year to make up this soothing little color palette.  That was her first time at and she was perfectly content to stay well away from the water. She’s going to be so different this year!

1.dear Stella Lola Jacobean Sterling 2.Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Dusty Blue 3.
Moda Bella Solids Coastal 4.Jane Dixon Poppy Modern Small Floral Grey 5.Sarah Jane Let’s Pretend Marionettes Berry 6.Robert Kaufman Veronica Voile Grey – VOILE 7.Free Spirit Designer Solids Arctic White 8.Dena Designs Sunshine Linen Ornament Aqua 9.Denyse Schmidt Florence Four Dots Malachite 10.Valori Wells Wish Treasure Patience 11.Kate & Birdie Paper Co. Winter’s Lane Linen Tiles Snow 12. Robert Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Leather 13.Valori Wells Jenaveve Linen Tribal Floral Teal

As always it was a joy to “shop” Pink Chalk Fabrics for the fabrics for this mock-up!  The muted blues are cool and soothing, and the tan makes the quilt cozy and comfortable as well.  The pop of pink is a cheat, I guess, since I didn’t find it out there at the beach, but I love the spark that it brings to the palette.  I like to use tons of neutral fabrics to build a wide, stable base of color, and use that to support just a sprinkling of something wildly different.  The pattern is a classic called Kaleidoscope, and it’s been on my dream to-do-list for years.  Hopefully someday?

3 thoughts on “Color Palette- At the Seashore

  1. That sounds lovely! I always preferred the Maine coast in the fall once all the tourists left (though it always was sweatshirt weather at that point). Enjoy!

  2. I love everything about this – the picture you used, the colors from that picture, the fabric you picked AND the quilt design. How long does it take you to do all this from start to finish? I could spend a whole week picking out the fabrics!

    1. Thanks Linda! I can do most of the work for one of these in a long evening, but I usually have several in various stages in my mind (kind of like my quilts!) so it’s hard to say exactly… Picking our the fabrics is the *best *part of course- and I love Pink Chalk because they have a great selection of fabrics but not so much as to be overwhelming, y’know? They are perfect for this! It’s definitely a labor of love though!

      On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 2:58 PM, Jessie Aller

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