Charity quilt block tutorial

As part of the DC Modern Quilt Guild’s charity sewing event next month, I’m coordinating one of the quilts we decided to work on as a group!  Dear Stella donated a fat quarter bundle of these fabrics:

I decided that it would be perfect to use a quilt pattern I designed earlier this year, which was designed especially to be easy to construct but still interesting to look at:

Volunteers were given fabric packets with three,  6.5″ x 18″ strips of the dear Stella fabric, and a 6.5″ by 44″ strip of solid white.

Following are cutting instructions to make the best use of the fabric that was distributed.  For this quilt, the finished blocks will be 8.5″ from raw edge to raw edge.

Stack the three print strips on top of the solid strip, which should be folded with the selvedges touching.

Trim the selvedges and straighten the edge of the prints.

Spin the cutting mat and cut one rectangle at 5″x 6.5″, one at 4″x 6.5″, and one at 2.5″x 6.5″.

Peel off the top layer of the remaining fabric and set it aside, then make one more cut at 2.5″x 6.5″.

Crosscut this rectangle into two, 2.5″x2.5″ squares.  The leftover 1.5″x2.5″ rectangle is waste.

From the remaining bits of fabric, you should be able to cut one more of each of the rectangle sizes listed above.  You already have enough squares.

Now mix and match your cut rectangles into 6 blocks.  Vary where the white falls in each block, and allow some blocks to have more white space than others.

Chain-piece the blocks together, first in horizontal pairs.

Then sew the pairs together to finish the blocks.

In the final quilt, the blocks will be rotated randomly, and will be much scrappier than this, as everyone received a different strip set.  Can’t wait to see the final results!

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