Happy Swap!

This summer Natalie of the NOVA Modern Quilt Guild invited members of the local guilds to a secret swap- to give us the chance to “meet” members outside of our own Guilds.  I don’t often sign up for swaps because truthfully, most of the time I’d rather sew for myself.  🙂  But, it sounded fun to get to know some other Modern Quilters in our area so this time I joined in.

Natalie asked us to make a little pouch and fill it with some little goodies.  We all started with the same instructions for the pouch, but were free to customize them for our intended recipients.  We each made a photo mosaic to help inspire our secret sisters.  Here’s the mosaic I was sewing from:

Beautiful, but a bit mystifying at first!  Most of the mosaics I’ve seen use mostly images of fabric and quilts, but hmm, the beach, paper crafting…  I decided I really had to rise to the occasion and do this mosaic justice, so I made the mosaic my desktop background, and I’d just sit and stare at it a few times a day until it started to speak to me.  Really, it was so fun to glean little bits of inspiration from all these images!  I’m glad my partner gave the opportunity to stretch my creative muscles.  Here’s what I finally pulled from the images:

Colors: mint and aqua, sky and sand

Feeling: quirky, romantic, dreamy

Likes: Chunky embroidery, Mixed-Media, Quirky Animals

And here’s the bag I made:

I threw in my own quirky animal, some chunky perle cotton hand stitching, and used lace for the drawstring in a nod to the mixed-media piece in the mosaic.  I tried to make it mint green because that’s her favorite, but I’m afraid it came out more aqua.  I guess my stash overwhelmed me!

I filled it with my new favorite brand of ruler, some FQs and trim in her fave colors, a few little notions, and a tin of fruit candies.  (She said her favorite candy was coconut, but try finding coconut candy that won’t melt in the summer heat!)

PS- see the tiny dot I used for the lining?  That’s my own fabric, he-hee!

I really hope Katie liked the bag – at least now she knows I was really thinking about her when I made it!

Now for my mosaic:

In the only other swap I’ve done recently, my partner never gave me a mosaic or any kind of clue what she likes.  Then she dropped out at the 11th hour anyway.  Arrg.   I didn’t like that experience of sewing blindly so I felt like I had to really take care of my partner and give her some specific clues as to what I like.  Perhaps I was too specific!  I didn’t mean it to be a list of demands…

I said that I like hand sewing.  I said this because I thought she might throw in a pack of hand sewing needles or something- not because I expected that my bag be totally hand made!  But that is what Natalie did.

Wow.  English paper pieced, hand applique, hand quilted with perle cotton.  Just my style (tearing up here..)  And Natalie has twin babies at home.  Amazing.  I don’t know what else to say except that it’s waaay more than I expected!  Thank you Natalie!

My little girls were so excited BTW when it came in the mail, let me tell you!  It’s a purse!  It’s a purse!

5 thoughts on “Happy Swap!

  1. LOVE this post about the swap. So fun to see the 2 mosaics and 2 bags. It is always hard for me to determine what to do from a mosaic (or what to put in my mosaic).
    I want to know more about that bracelet! Is it some way of joining covered buttons?

    1. Thanks Linda! Natalie included the bracelet in my goodie bag- They are like covered buttons but I’m betting they come as a kit all ready to make the bracelet. They came from the Etsy shop Lovie and Boo which I think is Natalie’s own shop but she has it temporarily closed right now. I’ll be sure to wear it to the quilt show next week so you can inspect it!

  2. Really enjoyed reading this blog. Thanks for sharing! Great idea to put the mosaic as your background and give it time to speak to you! I love, love, love both bags!

  3. The bracelet is something I had made for my own shop, lovie and boo, but I haven’t had time to bring it back online. I used to sell covered button bracelets, earrings, and rings among other things. The bookmark was a new product I was going to launch along with quilted paperback book covers, but so far they have just become gifts. So glad you liked your bag! It was a labor of love but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make something special to send out into the world. Happy Quilting!

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