An Art Show

I don’t often blog about the DC Modern Quilt Guild here, because I’m always blogging about it over here, but this time I am so excited about what’s going on that I have to share it here on my own blog.

My dear friend Frederick, who I met through the guild, has been exhibiting art of one kind or another for years.  Recently he exhibited a quilt in a show at the Anacostia Arts Center that included many different types of art.  His was the only quilt, and what he heard from the gallery was that his quilt garnered quite an enthusiastic response from the public.  So much that, they invited the guild to hold an entire show of quilts in their gallery.  Frederick and I met with the director of the center a couple of weeks ago, and we are making this happen, February 2014!  I have to admit that the rapidly approaching date is slightly freaking me out.  Mostly because, in addition to the work we need to do to coordinate the show,  I also plan on finishing a new quilt to enter into the show myself.   But this is such an amazing opportunity that Frederick scored for us, we just had to take it and run.

I have a couple dozen Works in Progress I could choose from to finish up for this… or should I start something totally new?  🙂  I bet you know what I’ll pick…

4 thoughts on “An Art Show

  1. This is really wonderful! I wish I could be more involved, but hopefully in a few years I’ll have more time for myself;) I just finished up a quilt top and it has two blocks made with fuchsias from your Jasmine Tea collection! The little flower print is one of my favorites.

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