How to add a hanging sleeve to your quilt

Tutorial: How to add a hanging sleeve to your quiltIn preparation for the DC Modern Quilt Guild’s upcoming show, here’s a tutorial for a regulation hanging sleeve.  It has a D shape rather than being flat; this allows the sleeve to accommodate the width of the hanging pole without distorting the actual quilt.  The sleeve will be 1″ shorter than the quilt on each edge in order to hide the hooks that attach the pole to the wall.  This is the same sleeve required by the International Quilt Festival.  I’m using white muslin for my sleeve, but you can use just about any cotton fabric since it won’t be seen when the quilt is hanging.

1. Measure the width of your quilt.  Cut a strip of fabric the exact width of the quilt and 9 inches high.  My quilt is 33.75″ wide, so I’m cutting my strip 33.75″ x 9″.  ( You can piece the strip to get the required length.)

2. Fold each short edge over 1/2″ towards the wrong side and press, then fold over again and press.  Now your strip is 2″ shorter than your quilt.

3. Stitch the short edges close to the loose fold to secure.

4. Fold the strip in half, aligning the long edges with wrong sides together.  Press lightly.

5. Stitch the long edges of the strip together with a 1/4″ seam.

6. Using your machine’s longest stitch length, baste 1/4″ away from the long fold you created in step 3.

7. Refold your sleeve so that the seam and the basted fold are roughly centered.  Press the seam open and press the newly folded edges well.  You can press the basted fold to one side if it makes this step easier.

8. With the basted fold facing out and the long seam touching your quilt, align the sleeve 1/2″ from the top of the quilt, centered across the back of the quilt, and pin.  Hand stitch top and bottom edges to the quilt using a blind stitch, taking care not to stitch through to the front of the quilt.

9. Remove the basting stitches on the fold.  Now your sleeve is 4″ on the side attached to the quilt, and 4 1/2″ on the free side, making a D.  You’re done!

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