Star Count #5

This week I allowed myself to put another star together!  If you’re following along, that brings my total to: 2.  Hooray!

I want to get the quilt mostly laid out before I do too much assembly, so I am free to rearrange the shapes for as long as possible.  But I was really in love with this star, so I felt safe sewing it together.  A lot more shapes got cut out and basted, too, my little tray is filling up and the picture doesn’t even show the shapes that I’ve been playing with on my dining room table.   (They were on the kitchen counter for most of last week, until I left the house to go to the grocery store and my husband moved everything out of sight to the dining room.  So I would have room to put away the groceries, or so he says 🙂 )

Some of these won’t get used in this quilt, but I’m enjoying the idea of building a pre-basted arsenal of shapes, ready to make quick little projects whenever the mood strikes.

Thanks again to Jessica at Life Under Quilts for the Star Count linkup!

8 thoughts on “Star Count #5

  1. How fun is that star? Awesome and I love having a stash of shapes already basted so I can see all the possibilities. When I find just the right combination, I just can’t wait to stitch it! I leave a ‘working box’ of hexies and supplies on the couch all the time and at least once a week, my husband moves it my office 🙂
    Great progress this week!

    1. Cool! So fun to hear there are others working in the same way. And that there are spouses everywhere who don’t appreciate having art-in-progress all over the house!

    1. Thanks Helen- most of the time my fabric IS in the dining room and the kitchen, and on the kitchen table and most definitely in the basement 🙂 My house is my studio! So if we can get it contained to only the little-used dining room, we are doing well 🙂

      On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 10:49 AM, Jessie Aller wrote:


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