Star Count #12

I’ve got half of my quilt all pieced into big sections.  I’m leaving it like that as I work on the other half in case I want to make any changes.  ‘Cause right now, there is a lot that’s irking me about this quilt, and I have to make some decisions about how much I want to go back and excise and how much I just want to press forward.

Luckily I have lots of time to stitch! Every day that Baby declines to make her debut is another day spent relaxing and sewing.  I’m starting to think she is waiting until her quilt is done to come out.  I do love these little “cogs” with the vintage mushroom fabric in the center!  I got the mushrooms at Goodwill a couple of years ago as a little home-made valance.  I was so excited when I realized how well they fit into this project!  I might replace the one that has dark blue petals with apple green or chartreuse, if the right fabric presents itself.  Or maybe not.

I really want a quilt that is all white and pale like these random bits, with just a few tiny colorful stars mixed in.  Trying to resist temptation to start something new before seeing this one to completion!  WHY IS THAT SO HARD?!!!

Thanks Jessica for the continuing motivation over at Life Under Quilts!  It’s definitely helping me to keep my mind from wandering…


9 thoughts on “Star Count #12

  1. It’s hard to stick to one quilt project at a time when you find so many ideas coming to light as you play with the little bits of fabrics and enjoy all the possibilities they present. I like the way you have done this as a soft pale collage with lots of tiny details and pieces and just a few striking stars of color. Keep up the good work your time is running out!

  2. This is all so incredibly beautiful and you do have a lot done! I think that you have to remember that the whole thing is going to appear much more soft and blended when all those stiff papers come out and it is placed with batting. I think that may be why some of the little bits seem more appealing than the whole. It just seems very stiff and sharp at this point in contrast to a soft squishy newborn. I really think that getting it together and removing those papers is going to make a world of difference. Hugs!

  3. Oh my gosh! I love this to bits! I’m totally with you on the all whites with little bits of color. I’m pretty sure that if I ever make one for MY bed that’s what I will do. I love love love all the different shapes put together. I’d never have the planning ability to do that. I’m in awe.

      1. 🙂 I think the red-orange diamonds around the large hexi star on the lower left is drawing all your attention and if you just take those out and add a quieter red-orange print or solid like you have going around the upper-left mushroom flower that will totally make you happy and spread the eye-viewing!:)
        But truly….this is going to be a family heirloom!!

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