Vivian Pepper

Roughly a dozen blog posts have been composed in my mind since April 2nd…  They mostly start off with ” Meet Vivian”

and somewhere in the middle mention how relaxing and peaceful it was to give birth in my own home instead of a cold dreary hospital surrounded by strangers.

Depending on how much time had passed since her birth, the imaginary mind-post would end with me saying how lovely it is to be pampered by my husband and my mom, or that the other kids were being so sweet to their new sister (still are!), or that I was sad my mother had to go home so soon, or that I was panicking because it was time for my husband to go back to work and leave me alone with 4 kids; two who need home schooling and two in diapers.  Maybe I would have gone off on a tangent about how my other children’s hospital births compared to this one.  But these all happened only in my mind because even though this is my fourth time around, I still suck at getting the baby to sleep somewhere other than in my arms, and getting to the computer requires more fortitude than I can conjure most days.  So, almost 6 weeks later; world, meet Vivian Pepper!

19 thoughts on “Vivian Pepper

  1. I love that sweet girl and I love you. No one should expect perfectly composed posts, ever, especially not right after having a baby. The pictures make up for any loss of eloquence 😉

    1. Thank you dear sweet Melinda. I love you too. And Vivian will adore you as much as the other kids do. When it comes to blogging I don’t have much eloquence to begin with so I guess I will just carry on 🙂

      On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 1:13 AM, Jessie Aller wrote:


  2. Vivian Pepper is so precious. I’m so glad that she’s made it to a couple DCMQG meetings in her short 6 weeks. Glad you had a little computer time but they are this little for only a short time, so enjoy!

  3. She’s beautiful, Jessie. My daughter is expecting her 4th in a month and I’m hoping for a baby girl–they don’t find out–and they have 3 little boys. 😊

    1. Oh congrats Penny… babies are such a joy! Let me know when your little bundle arrives…

      On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 11:53 AM, Jessie Aller wrote:


    1. Hey Mike, thank you… as soon as I saw your name I was trying to figure out ways to get up and see you guys. How are you? How’s Kara? I adore this phase but she’s like a boat anchor holding me to the couch. We don’t go anywhere!

      On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 2:46 PM, Jessie Aller wrote:


  4. Such a beautiful name…..Vivian Pepper. She is absolutely gorgeous…. Just a little Angel from above . How many baby’s can be swaddled in that color green and just look like peaches and cream. CONGRATULATIONS ! I have been anticipating an arrival of good news 😊 Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thank you, thank you… The sun was shining just right on Miss Vivian when I took those pics!

      On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 3:20 PM, Jessie Aller wrote:


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