Star Count #22

Well, I missed a few star counts somewhere in there… but I’m back on the wagon now so let me just jump right into it:

A very astute comment from Dolores caused me to remove the almost-solid red diamonds that were surrounding the pink star in the lower left here:

and replace them with some very pale mint and aqua diamonds.

I like it so much better now.  In fact the pink against the aqua is now my favorite part of the quilt.  The white star points kind of fade into the background now, but I don’t mind.  So this piece of the quilt is all one big chunk now.  The rest is mostly in larger chunks, with a few areas of single pieces still remaining.  I had an episode of negative progress when Vivian was just a couple weeks old.  My sweet Evelyn, the almost-3 year old, was helping me by raising all the blinds one morning.  In her excitement to pull the cords, she knocked over the sheets of foamcore on which I had laid out all the pieces for this quilt.  She very sweetly told me that she made a mess and could I help her pick it up…  The pieces, probably a hundred or more at that time, sat in a pretty forlorn little pile for several weeks until I made the time to re-design the quilt and then set the boards somewhere less precarious.

Gus took some pictures today of me sewing.  This is my favorite way to sew these days, bopping and swaying about, always music on the stereo, she stays asleep so well in her little pouch and I am mobile and hands-free.  Vivian is two months old today.  Two months!  I’m doing all I can to keep this little one near.

I’m linking up with Life Under Quilts Monday Morning Star Count.  Jessica asked what goal we would like to set for the beginning of summer.  Boy I would love to see this quilt in the quilt frame on the first day of summer!

6 thoughts on “Star Count #22

  1. What a difference changing out those diamonds made — I love it! This is such a soft and sweet quilt. Nice progress.

    Also … Vivian is beyond adorable! Congrats!

  2. Good luck at making that summer goal. You did well to get over the hurdle of all the scattered pieces and making the change that Dolores suggested. It is looking fabulous!

  3. Oh, my. . . . . . I think my little girl would have seen a very stressed mommy. But things happen for a reason and maybe you have a nicer pattern, because we love those little ones who don’t mean to make those messes. I, too like the aqua around the pink much better. Isn’t is a wonder how another pair of eyes can help? Enjoy your summer quilting and I hope you make your goal. Remember, though, goals can easily change without being dropped. I am the queen of changing goals, but I persevere in the end. : )

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