Star Count #24

Thank goodness for Jessica at Life Under Quilt’s linkups, or I would never post anything!  Here is how my baby quilt is looking:  IMG_0399

And that last chunk is assembled into a few big pieces.

Last night, Vivian fell asleep in my arms on the couch and so I stayed up late, basting some tiny diamonds, triangles, and a few more hexies.  I need these tiny shapes to fill in around my star points, and the quilt actually needs a couple more rows of white on the left side, which didn’t fit on my foamcore “design wall.”


I’m feeling really optimistic about getting this thing in the quilt frame soon!  And after spending so long piecing it, the quilting will be a piece of cake.  Vivian Pepper is in her bouncy chair beside me right now, her eyes questioning me when we are going to head up to bed.  She is my good helper, anchoring me to the couch during the day so there’s nothing I can do but stitch…

10 thoughts on “Star Count #24

  1. I’ve been following your progress with this quilt and couldn’t quite see where it was headed till tonight but .. O my gosh I love it. AND congrats on your lovely daughter! so happy for you. 🙂

  2. Wow this is really shaping up to be a spectacular array of shapes, so much more than just a repeated paper piece in varied colors. I like how this feels kind of improvisational in the design. I was amazed you could do your hand sewing work with the baby sleeping on your stomach at the last DC Quilt Guild meeting. Won’t be long before Vivian starts crawling around and you won’t have to sit on the couch all day and night.

    1. Thanks Frederick! If not then, when? I need to get my sewing fix somehow! Good to see you on Saturday.

      On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 11:17 AM, Jessie Aller wrote:


  3. It’s so pretty! And different, in a good way! :o) Your design isn’t like what’s usually done with EPP.

  4. Stunning. I could stare at this for days. I hope I can see it in person one day.. when V is older, convince her to let you enter it in some shows, ok?

  5. Wow Jessie, this is just stunning! I see something different at every turn. It’s sort of like tessellation but WAY better!:) Glad to have been a little help.;)

    Your little VP is perfection! Congrats to your whole family!!

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