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I’m so excited the main part of the quilt is together!  Now it just needs a couple of strips around the edges and it’s done.  I’m borrowing these quilt photos from Frederick, since he did such a good job…  I like the second one because it includes the dimpled elbows of little miss intended recipient.

 The quilt has not progressed much since the DCMQG meeting 9 days ago… now that it’s so big it’s gotten hard for me to work on it while holding the babe and so that leaves, well, just about never, for me to pick up the quilt and get it done.  Not that I am wishing it to be any different.  The fourth time around, we are well aware of how fleeting everything is.  Vivian’s milestones keep flying by; one month, then two, then three.  She smiles big toothless smiles and had her first laugh the other day, watching Evelyn jump up the stairs like a frog.  She grabs at her toys and holds her head up high when rolled on her tummy.  Sigh, where is my newborn nugget?  Speaking of babies, another of mine has recently turned 11… how?  Violet is already a teenager at heart and Evelyn is only a couple inches and a couple of pounds behind her.  I’d wish for a pause button except that they are obviously so pleased with growing up.


Have I mentioned how much I love the back of a piece of patchwork?  I’m sure I have..

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11 thoughts on “Star Count

  1. This is such a wonderful piece with the different types of shapes integrated together. It is without a doubt an heirloom quilt. I also love the back. Do you trim your fabric seams before you baste, or after? I use square fabrics for my hexagons and trim each one before I piece. I like to have tiny seams because it cuts down on bulk during hand quilting. I know that some people cut their fabric to size and then baste, I was just curious which way you do it.

    By the way, nice WordPress site. Are you with, or are you self hosting? I just recently transitioned from to Bluehost.

    1. Thanks Terri! I trim before I baste, actually I just cut the shape with 1/4″ seams to begin with. I use freezer paper which sticks to the fabric, making it easy to eyeball the proper seam allowance as I cut. I’m with you, the small seam allowance is needed for hand quilting, plus I’m kind of addicted to that nice tidy appearance on the back. I’m on; self-hosting is one of those “someday” projects that may or may not ever happen.. Excited to hear more about how you like your new site!

      On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 10:53 AM, Jessie Aller wrote:


  2. Great to see those pictures helped you post the news about your family and quilting project. Your hands have been full and I know you are loving that day by day. Really enjoyed our visit to Patches for our July 5th meeting. Such a great place to escape to from downtown on a lovely summer’s day.

    1. Thanks for taking the photos Frederick! I’m always the one holding the camera at home, so it’s not often that a picture of me and the baby, let alone one of me, the baby, and a quilt will appear!

      On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 2:12 PM, Jessie Aller wrote:


  3. Love how this is turning out. Can’t wait to see it done, but no sense wasting those precious moments with your little one just to get it done.

  4. Wow- it’s big! I definitely haven’t had a good idea of the size from your other photos. And gorgeous! What a wonderful present for a precious little one.

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