Vivian’s Quilt

EPP top finishedhand quilting in progress I said to myself that I wasn’t going to blog any more progress photos of Vivian’s quilt until it was in the quilting frame… so, finally, here it is 🙂  I pieced this quilt in the little, tiny amounts of time that I can fit in between all this kid-ness around me.  One early morning at the end of summer, all the children were sleeping in and I got the quilt into the frame and this little corner quilted.  And then it sat, for two months.  Lately I’ve been quilting with thick, lustrous perle cotton, but I imagined this quilt was too delicate and sweet to stand up to those heavy threads, so I started out with standard hand quilting thread.  After doing this little corner with standard thread and standard background quilting, it seemed so, well, standard. I wasn’t excited to work on it anymore, and that is a sad state to be in.  So it sat, while I ruminated on it.  I have a plan now to include some perle cotton and a pattern that’s fun to stitch so I will want to work on it again.

The motion of hand quilting is so satisfying.  I said to my husband, I always think my quilt tops are pretty before they are quilted, but once I start hand quilting them, they seem to come to life.  Can’t wait to get going on this one again!

Hand Quilting detail

8 thoughts on “Vivian’s Quilt

  1. Looking so beautiful!!
    I got to say, I love quilt tops with the light shining through them, they look so much like a stained glass, only soft. I think I might need to do some pojagi.

  2. Jesse, your quilt is beautiful. It’s so unique, and your colors blend so well. I love it, and I know little Vivian will cherish it forever.

  3. Great news to hear your lovely EPP is ready and quilting is underway. I can’t wait to see what you do with your pearl cotton threads mixed with the standard quilting. Wishing you lots of free moments between kinder care to quilt as you pass the frame!

  4. This quilt is such a masterpiece and just getting better and better with every stitch you put into it. Please post some more photos as you work on it!

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