Big changes- I’m going home




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At the beginning of this year, I had one of those moments. A moment which, though you don’t know it at the time, is going to change everything that comes after. I was having a little new-years introspection and I realized that this year I turn 37, our oldest child turns 12, and we’re still not living life as I imagined it. I felt like my life so far has been just a giant holding pattern, we are circling, circling, waiting for something to happen.   But what, exactly?

“Welcome to the club,” some might say, but I wanted to do something about it. This is not at all about having the money to do whatever, and all about the choices we have been making. It’s been 7 years since I graduated and since then we’ve been renting a variety of places, moving here and there, never wanting to commit to anything. We’ve been in our current house for 3 years, mostly just because it was easier to stay than to make any more choices. I shared my feelings with my spouse, and we decided that we would commit to looking for a permanent home.

SO. We were looking for something to buy. I want land, privacy, space.  Well guess what?  So do a whole bunch of people in the greater DC/Baltimore region. Places with any land in our price range were an hour or more from Garrett’s job. He was willing to commute, and in the past has done so up to 1.5 hours each way, but was that the lifestyle we wanted to commit to?

We discussed very seriously getting a country place for the family and having Garrett live in a hotel 3-4 nights a week for work.  I think that was the solution we had settled on when on a lark, he applied for a job in our hometown. We were rather astounded with the speed at which the whole apply-interview-offer process went, and he got the job.

Oh my god, we could move back home! Really?  Family, the ease of small town life, the mountains… All those things I’ve been pining for, could be mine! Never mind the massive pay cut. It doesn’t matter; we don’t care. Now we can build a life!

We have found a tiny house to rent, well within our means, while we look for a home, a true home, where our kids can spend the rest of their formative years and hopefully remember it fondly as they grow into themselves and away from us.  Where I can plant those fruit trees and be there when they begin to bear, and have piggies and chickens and just be able to go for a walk without being assaulted by the relentless traffic….

So, here’s what’s happening. We move home to Central Pennsylvania in 3 weeks.  Just enough time here for one more DCMQG meetup. 🙂

Our tiny new place won’t support a home studio, so Faraway Road is going big-time and moving to its own address!

Husband will have a truly “new” job for the first time in 15 years! What else? Just a complete lifestyle shift is all…

So excited.
In very big denial of how much work I have to do in the next 3 weeks :-).
But happy. So happy!

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10 thoughts on “Big changes- I’m going home

  1. Jess, we are so beside ourselves with excitement for this move!!! I’m so looking forward to trolling the farmer’s markets, back road farm stands and orchards with you, and doing whatever I can to help you get that farm started, and day dreaming with a soulmate about all the big plans we have in store to change the world (of course)! 🙂 YAY!!!!!!!!

  2. Jessie, this is such great news (although we’ll miss you.) I know your heart and home will be quite content.

  3. We have been so fortunate to have you here in DC for a while seeking the life you want is a great challenge that seems suddenly to be going your way! Getting to know you was so easy; your warm spirit is open and encouraging as well as very talented and adventurous. I feel sad you will be so far away now but I suspect your new life will fill our blog reading with all sorts of delightful country life inspirations and joys including quilting, great new fabric designs, nature photos like these in this article and a few good farm stories. Hope to see you again before you leave but if it doesn’t happen maybe you will have a barn we can come sleep in sometime for a quilters weekend! Best wishes for a great future in your HOME.

  4. Oh, I know the DCMQ will miss you, but my heart is so happy for you. I hope your dream of a new life comes true for you and your lovely family.

  5. I’m both so sad and so thrilled at this news. I’ll miss seeing you at DC Modern, but I’m so glad you are finding “home”.

  6. Jessie, I’m only getting the chance to reply now and I know you already have the move made from instagram. But I had to say that I’m so happy for you and your family – it really made my heart smile. I know moves are stressful, and there’s always so much more than you anticipated. But hopefully you can now take the time to nestle back in amongst family and find where feels right. I’m so delighted this opportunity came your way, x

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