Applique, Art Gallery Fabrics and a Giveaway!

Orange peel applique

I have been sooo addicted to the orange peel shape lately.  When Art Gallery Fabrics asked if I would like to be a part of their celebration of National Sewing Month, at first I wasn’t sure I could come up with a project in time.  I have so many huge projects already in my queue… Then I thought, I could make another orange peel mini!  (Here, here, and here are some other orange peel projects I’ve done)  I chose Bonnie Christine’s fabric line, Cultivate.  Do you follow her on Instagram?  Such a lovely feed and at the moment she’s sharing the sweetest shots of her newborn baby girl, can’t get enough of those…
Sketch- 3 pillows-mini quilts
Of course, being myself, I couldn’t take the simple route and do just one mini.  No no, I would do three.  Above is the little sketch I sent to Art Gallery when I offered to do a project.  A pair of free-form flower pillows and a geometric one to contrast.   Then, I thought, why not bind them so I could hang them as little wall hangings or stuff them with pillows?  So that is what I did, they have a 3/4″ binding that will look like a flange if I choose to use them for pillows, or they can hang on the wall.  Great.  Love them.
Each petal is prepared by ironing down a freezer paper template and basting the raw edges over the paper.  I roughly arrange my pieces on the background, then press each shape, remove the paper, and pin them down in their final places.  I use a running stitch with #8 perle cotton to attach the shapes to the background.  I have used a regular applique stitch in the past, but for such busy fabrics I love the extra definition that the running stitch outline gives.  I started with a 19″ square, trimmed it down to 18.5″ after the applique was done, then added the wide binding, bringing the inner square down to 17″ .  So an 18″ pillow form makes them nice and plump.
If you too would like to make this pillow, you’ll need a medium pack of 2.5″ orange peel freezer paper templates, which I sell here.   They are reusable in case you’d like to make more than one.  And please use the box at top right to subscribe to my blog, as starting next Monday I’ll have a little series walking you through the process of working with orange peel templates.
(Photo shoot outtakes…  “Hey, someone made a bed out here in the woods!”)
But wait, what happened to the pillow in the middle of the sketch?
I fell so hard for these little blocks that I had to hold them back in order to make an entire quilt out of them!  I ordered more of the Pruning Roses print from Hawthorne Threads (which is also where I got the Pure Elements Icy Mint solid I used for the background) and I carry my little basket of applique with me everywhere.  The pile just grows and grows… like a baby, the quilt will be here before you know it!
Oh yes, should I do a giveaway?  Art Gallery Fabrics was very generous when sending fabrics for this project and I have a ton left over.  Some is going into my stash but I have plenty to share, too!  Leave me a comment letting me know your favorite applique pattern (if you have one!) to enter to win a generous bundle of Cultivate by Bonnie Christine.  If you follow this blog or my Instagram, you may leave me an additional comment telling me so and that will count as a second entry.  Thanks!  I’ll draw a winner on Sunday, September 13th.
… This post was sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics….

53 thoughts on “Applique, Art Gallery Fabrics and a Giveaway!

  1. Oooooh, I LOVE those pillows!! I just love those orange peel shapes. And sweet, sweet Vivvie helping herself to the new bed!! That’s absolutely adorable.

  2. Vivvie taking advantage of the photo shoot to take a nap in the open air–priceless! One of the cutest things I’ve ever seen (and I’m not biased at all 🙂 )

  3. Love the little one in the photos. So cute. I am new to quilting and have not tried applique yet, but plan to soon. I really want to try this orange peel.

  4. How beautiful, pinning this for later for sure. As it happens my favorite appliqué pattern is just a simple petal… So much to do with them! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Gorgeous pillows! I haven’t really done any applique (just a few by machine around fussy cuts), but have been itching to give a clam shell a try! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I did a very involved needle turn applique owl wall hanging for my Dad. I think I like it best because when I started it I had little applique experience and didn’t really think I would be able to do it. But I used the “how do you eat an elephant?” approach and just started. Little by little I made progress and it was a thrill to finish it. My applique skills improved by doing that project.

  7. I can see why you’re in love with the orange peel shape…you’ve created beautiful things with it! My favorite applique is a giraffe head and neck that I used to sew onto a dress I made for my toddler niece. I also made her a purse using the same applique. Of course, she loved it!

  8. Your pillows are adorable. I need to try the running stitch appliqué technique as I have only done a blanket stitch by machine. The running stitch has more definition.

  9. Love your Applique project!! the Pillows (& lil Model) are Adorable!!! So is the Quilt! I have only done a few things in Applique….don’t have a fave that I have made…but I want to try Orange Peels for sure! Thanks for chance to win your great Give-a-way! 🙂

  10. Am a new Follower…thru Email …wherever it signed me up thru, when I clicked to subscribe lol Cooool Blog! 🙂

  11. Your applique is beautiful! An orange peel quilt is on my bucket list. Right now I am working on a wall hanging with Jane Townswick patterns. I love her birds and flowers. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful fabric!

  12. These turned out so great! Look forward to your posts on how to use the orange peels – maybe it will provide inspiration to crack open the ones I bought from you this summer.

  13. These cushions are just gorgeous. I haven’t done a lot of applique but I do spend a lot of sewing time doing EPP especially hexagons and dresdens. Thank you for a fun giveaway. x

    1. I forgot to include my name and details here, sorry. The next comment is mine too so you should be able to get them from there. x

  14. Love your pillows and your model is adorable! I love the look of the big stitches! I am working on hexies! Love slow stitching!

  15. I like applique, but do not applique much. I usually do flowers or birds. I have not used a pattern more than once, so I don’t really have a favorite.

  16. Jessie, it’s wonderful to meet you. I’m new to applique; have a fondness for beach balls, inspired by a toddler whom visited me this summer. I do love AGF!

  17. Jessie, I’ve signed up to follow your blog and I’m truly appreciative of all your applique tips/tricks since I’m so so new at it. THank you:)

  18. Ooh! Those pillows are absolutly beautiful!! Such an amazing work!! I am addicted to mini hexies right now, but I love any kind of sewing project!! And I love so much this fabric collection and Bonnie Christine work. Thank you for this awesome giveaway! Fingers crossed! Alex @alextilalila

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