Autumn Gatherings Sewing

I’ve been sewing!

Inner Glow 1

Inner Glow 2

Inner Glow 3

Thank you for sleeping so mommy can work!

Sleeping Bea

Inner Glow 5

Inner Glow 6

The pattern is called Inner Glow.  It has instructions for twin, queen, and king sizes.  (This is the twin size.)

Inner Glow

Inner Glow 7

Inner Glow 8

I hand quilted it with a super-simple big stitch using perle cotton.  You can see it best in the photo of the back.  The big chunky stitches contrast with the silky fabric in a way that I found very pleasing.  Plus it was done in, like, two days.  Can’t beat that for hand quilting!

Inner Glow 9

Inner Glow 10

The pattern will be a free download on my website as soon as I figure out how to do these sorts of things… so this weekend-ish.

Inner Glow 11

The quilt is hanging out at Patches in Mt. Airy, MD.  Do let me know if you’ve seen it there!

Next up I have some plans for the greenish -orangeish ones.  This time I’m bringing in the rest of my stash to play as well.

Next Project

Autumn Gatherings is Here!

Autumn Gatherings 1

Autumn Gatherings 2

Finally, finally!  The day I was dreaming of a year and a half ago when I started teaching myself how to use Photoshop to create repeating patterns out of my artwork.  Definitely the day I was hoping for 11 months ago as I hopped on a plane to Houston to take my portfolio to Quilt Market and try to make a connection with a company who would want to print my designs.

When Garrett got home from work yesterday he called to me from the front door.  I thought maybe the kids had left something questionable out on the porch (always a possibility) but there he was, staggering in with a ridiculously heavy box with a Seattle return address… Of course we took it straight to the room with the best natural light and started pulling it out.  90 or so yards of my own designs, printed on actual fabric and available for sale.  Awesome.

Autumn Gatherings 10

Autumn Gatherings 11

Autumn Gatherings 13

The designs are printed on the wonderfully fine, silky smooth cotton that In The Beginning Fabrics is known for.  Really, it’s hard to stop touching it.  True story- last year at the Fall Quilt Market after Jason offered me a contract to design for In The Beginning, he gave me some samples of Keri Beyer’s Dream a Little Dream line to take home and play with.  On my way back home, I spent the entire flight with the samples on my lap just stroking them, loving the texture.  I was imagining tiny projects I could make with the samples, picturing my own designs printed on a cute little bundle of fabric like Keri’s, and furiously scribbling in my notebook under the heading “to do next.”  (Then after I got home I proceeded to trot the samples out each time someone came to the house and said my designs are going to be printed on fabric just like this!   Really.)  Oh I have been excited for this!

Autumn Gatherings 6

Autumn Gatherings 9

I designed the stripe so that if you are using it as a border for your quilt, you can get all four sides out of one length of fabric.  See?  Four sides, four stripes.  No waste.

Autumn Gatherings 5

This pattern wins the award for most mutations during the design phase.  The first draft of the print used 16 colors and the plants were each about 12 inches high.  I kept simplifying and simplifying until I ended up with this, two colors and 4 inches high.  I tried out dozens of two-color combinations before I fell in love with this one.

I have worked up a few patterns to go with this collection and I have plans to sew up a mini trunk show for my (formerly) local quilt shop, Patches, in Mt. Airy Maryland.  (We moved, not them).   These ladies have been so supportive and lovely to me ever since I bumped into them at Houston Quilt Market last year when I was pitching my designs and looking for a fabric company to partner with.

So.  I think I will make a throw-sized quilt for them out of these ones.  I love how the bits of rust/orange give life to the more subdued greens and purples.

Autumn gatherings 4

Autumn Gatherings 8

I also have a pattern that uses a scrappier mix of fabrics and features embroidery that can be made into either a wall quilt or a set of pillows. I would like to see that one in both the purple/green/rust colorway and the taupe.  I do love me some taupe.

Autumn Gatherings 12

There are so many more samples I wanted to make up out of this, but I got the call this morning from Patches that they got their fabric yesterday too, so I had to whittle it down to what I liked the best and thought I could get done in a reasonable amount of time.  Two small-ish quilts it is.  Now the time I’ve really been waiting for- time to get sewing!