For the first time in what feels like months, no one in my household is sick.  We had one final checkup this morning for miss Evelyn Bea, who got the all clear from our now-beloved pediatrician.  No one has been seriously ill, and for that I am always thankful, but it’s been a series of small sicknesses, robbing us of productivity, robbing us of sleep, seemingly since Christmas.

Hard as it has been, isn’t there something about a sweet little bundle of baby who needs you?  One morning a few weeks ago, Garrett came down to find that I had spent the entire night sitting up on the couch with poor Bea nursing an ear infection, and all I could say to him was “more!”  I do hope that more kids are in the cards for us.  I love mothering and I always hoped for a big, boisterous family.  We’ll see 🙂

I feel like this whole winter has been a fog, from which we are only now emerging.  People are sleeping through the night again, so if I need to I can stay up and get things done at night.  The day light is coming back, we’re making plans for fun outdoor projects.  We are looking forward to spring!

Back in the morning with a pale and pretty palette.


Palette Parade- Candy Hearts

In general I like to pull my color palettes from nature, but these were just too tempting!

chalky pastels

touch of red

sweet shapes

1.Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Lemon 2.Robert Kaufman Spot On Medium Dot Pink 3.Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet Sandbox 4.Michael Miller Fabrics Cotton Couture Bubblegum 5.dear Stella Cleo Bargello Sand 6.Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Petunia 7.Free Spirit Designer Solids Chamois 8.Moda Bella Solids Cheddar 9.Michael Miller Fabrics Cotton Couture Spring 10.Alexander Henry Mecca For Moderns Mercer Dot Red 11.Michael Miller Fabrics Cotton Couture Soft White 12.Denyse Schmidt Shelburne Falls Fine Stripe Willow

It’s all half-square triangles.  I love half-square triangles!  I would bind it with the red dot.  Would you throw in a few red pinwheels, too, just to break up all the sweetness?

I guess the photo shoot ends here 🙂

Chain-Piecing Ad Infinitum

My new fabric line, Jasmine Tea, is due out in stores next month!  So exciting.  I should have my preview yardage in hand any day now.  Tonight I’m finishing a pattern to go with the line.  Sewing up the test version in solids and I kinda like it this way.

Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum.

Back of Bringing home Dolly

I always love the backs of quilt tops.  Sometimes I love them more than the fronts. It’s like a puzzle.  Can you tell what the pattern is from the back?

Did I mention Gus and I are learning Latin together this year?  Homeschooling is cool like that.  My Latin name is Paula.  Pronounced Pow-La.  Kind of like a superhero name.  My girls already have superhero names.  Evil-Lyn and Ultra Violet.  So it’s high time I got one.  Lots of Girl Power in this household.  Lots.  Bringing Home Dolly Quilt top

Pretty Umbrella Girls Charity Quilt

Just wanted to put out some quick pics of the charity quilt I worked on at today’s DC Modern Quilt Guild sew-in.  I bought the focus fabric because I wanted to use the red-pink-orange trees in some pillows for Violet and Evelyn’s room, and I didn’t have any plans for the little umbrella girls, but they are so cute and cheery so it seemed perfect for some charity sewing.  I picked a bunch of bright fabrics from my stash for the strips-

It’s an interesting balance finding fabric for a charity quilt, right?  They have to be fabrics that I’m willing to “give up” but I still want the finished project to look like it was made with care.  I want whoever receives the quilt to feel special.  So several of the fabrics are new and haven’t even made it into their intended projects yet, but I included them anyway just to make it extra-pretty.

Don’t mind my crummy cell-phone pictures.  It’s late and I have to get to bed so I can get up and drive to Philadelphia for a quilt show.

Umbrella Girl Blocks

I made some progress today but I would have made more if there weren’t so many interesting people to get to know at the meeting!  Life is rough, right?

I’m thinking of a young adolescent girl as I make this, so I probably won’t send it to the pregnancy center that the Guild selected this year.  Maybe I will send it to the Hershey Medical Center with the other quilt that my Mom and Aunt and I put together over the summer.

And because Elle made me aware that Evelyn Bea has grown quite a bit since I last posted pictures, here she is doing big girl things:

Big Girl Bea

Lest you should think that I am still sewing with a baby sleeping peacefully at my feet.  Not quite.

Goodbye House

SunriseWe are moving again.

Exchanging a 100 year old house full of character and charm for one where water doesn’t drip from the ceilings at random intervals.  Giving up twelve glorious acres, but giving Garrett back two of the hours he spends commuting every day.  And packing up my studio, which had a wall of windows overlooking the creek (but practically no heat), for a corner of  the basement.



If I sound melancholy I suppose I am; I really wanted this place to work out and even had little fantasies about buying it someday, even if my practical self knew that it was a terrible idea.  In the end our landlord made the decision for us, by dragging his feet so long on the necessary repairs that we felt like we couldn’t continue to raise our family here.


Violet and Friend

Misty Color Palette

Dead Maple

But if we can ignore its mechanical failures, this place has a presence, a patina, that only time can create.  There is an air of fading grandeur which I quite enjoy.  The old landscaping is overgrown and mysterious.  Perfect for hide and seek.  Perfect for prowling about with my camera.  Luckily I took thousands of pictures here, enough artistic inspiration for the next decade is cached away on my hard drive.

Light Through the Maples

Creek View

Our new home is in a charming little town.  It is brand-spanking new, so what it lacks in patina, it should make up for in functionality.  We’ll be minutes from coffee shops, restaurants, and the quilt shop that has supported my creativity for the past 4 years.  It’s going to be awesome.  And as soon as we get there I intend to begin enjoying all those perks.

But for now, for our last days here, let me dwell a bit in the beauty and grace of this lovely old place.  We’ve made a lot of memories in our short time here.

Early Morning

Bea in my belly

Meeting Bea

Fall is Coming

Early Fall

Raking Leaves

New Sister

Evelyn Bea

Fall Sky

Mossy Stump

Fall Colors


The Christmas Molecule

Great Blue Heron

Snowy Morning

Snowy Morning

Snowy Canoes

The Artist

Spring by the Creek

New Dogwood



Spring Maples

Summer Leaves

Barred Owl


Sunlit Maple

So I offer up some of my favorite photos from this place, closing the book on this little chapter of our family’s history.  Goodbye, house!  I won’t forget you!


I posted more of my favorite photos from this place here.

561, or Photo Fail

561: the number of pictures that had to be taken of my family in order to get one, reasonably decent Family Photo.

Background:  A couple of weeks ago I wrote down the sweet little story of my new fabric collection, Jasmine Tea, and sent it off to Jason at In The Beginning.  I wrote about how I designed it while taking care of my newborn and how I was thinking about how long Garrett and I have been together and how sweet my family is and all that flowery stuff.  Which was all true.  In response, Jason asked me for a family photo to put with the collection for Quilt Market.  Which caused me to realize; we haven’t had a family portrait done since our middle child was a newborn, 3 1/2 years ago.  Hmmm.  Wonder why.

So I had this idea that we would drag our loveseat out somewhere in the yard and sit on that for the picture.   In my mind we would look like a band on an album cover, some of us casually looking the way of the camera and some decidedly not looking at the camera, but we’d all look cool as cucumbers and hip in our individual ways.  Well.  After my darling husband and sisters dragged the couch into four or five different spots, (I was baby-wrangling, I think) it became clear that there is more than one reason why we are not in a band.   Although I have to say, these pics are pretty priceless.  I have half a mind to frame a series of these to hang on the wall.

That was about the point where we gave up for that night.

The next day, I shoved the camera in my sister’s hand just one more time as she was trying desperately to get back into her car and leave and we plopped ourselves on a bench next to the driveway and asked her to try a few more shots.  Like, 300 more.


I had asked her to just keep shooting in case one of the kids should happen to make a decent face that I could Photoshop onto a decent body and maybe from 10 different shots I could cobble together a Frankenstein family where everyone is looking at the camera and no one is picking their nose or trying to slide off the bench unnoticed…  anyway, so she did.  Keep on shooting.  and right at about shot #543, there was one, just one, where everyone looked reasonable happy, (no Photoshopping of heads), the lighting was good, and so, here it is.  The only family photo you’ll probably see for another 3 1/2 years.

I do love my family so.