Fabric is all over my house

And yet, there is no where it really belongs.

I keep my sewing machine in the dining room:

Fabric ready to piece in the dining room:

New fabric on the kitchen counter:

Second hand fabric in the office:

Quilt frame in the play room:

taking pics of blocks upstairs in my son’s room:

Fabric is taking over my house, people.  And this is not even showing my basement fabric storage area.   I need to get all this quilty-ness contained, and short of taking over the master bedroom (which I have not yet brought up with the Husband… )  I think my best option is to scoop it all into this officey-kind of room that we have at the front of the house.  We’ve tried using that room for a couple of different things and it’s just weird, no one ever goes in there except when I remind my son to go practice the piano.  So 20 minutes a day, tops.  I’ve been craving a space of my own; one that I can decorate with pretty fabric stacks and  bowls of perle cotton, a little place where I can go to get lost…The only problem is that the room does not have a door, and it is open to pretty much the rest of the house.  We could put up a big curtain, but a big new curtain is going to be very attractive to little people, and certainly won’t keep the smallest one from going in there and wreaking havoc as she tends to do.  What to do?

Goodbye House

SunriseWe are moving again.

Exchanging a 100 year old house full of character and charm for one where water doesn’t drip from the ceilings at random intervals.  Giving up twelve glorious acres, but giving Garrett back two of the hours he spends commuting every day.  And packing up my studio, which had a wall of windows overlooking the creek (but practically no heat), for a corner of  the basement.



If I sound melancholy I suppose I am; I really wanted this place to work out and even had little fantasies about buying it someday, even if my practical self knew that it was a terrible idea.  In the end our landlord made the decision for us, by dragging his feet so long on the necessary repairs that we felt like we couldn’t continue to raise our family here.


Violet and Friend

Misty Color Palette

Dead Maple

But if we can ignore its mechanical failures, this place has a presence, a patina, that only time can create.  There is an air of fading grandeur which I quite enjoy.  The old landscaping is overgrown and mysterious.  Perfect for hide and seek.  Perfect for prowling about with my camera.  Luckily I took thousands of pictures here, enough artistic inspiration for the next decade is cached away on my hard drive.

Light Through the Maples

Creek View

Our new home is in a charming little town.  It is brand-spanking new, so what it lacks in patina, it should make up for in functionality.  We’ll be minutes from coffee shops, restaurants, and the quilt shop that has supported my creativity for the past 4 years.  It’s going to be awesome.  And as soon as we get there I intend to begin enjoying all those perks.

But for now, for our last days here, let me dwell a bit in the beauty and grace of this lovely old place.  We’ve made a lot of memories in our short time here.

Early Morning

Bea in my belly

Meeting Bea

Fall is Coming

Early Fall

Raking Leaves

New Sister

Evelyn Bea

Fall Sky

Mossy Stump

Fall Colors


The Christmas Molecule

Great Blue Heron

Snowy Morning

Snowy Morning

Snowy Canoes

The Artist

Spring by the Creek

New Dogwood



Spring Maples

Summer Leaves

Barred Owl


Sunlit Maple

So I offer up some of my favorite photos from this place, closing the book on this little chapter of our family’s history.  Goodbye, house!  I won’t forget you!


I posted more of my favorite photos from this place here.

A Day Unplugged!

What to do when a hurricane knocks out the power:

Play Monopoly with the whole family

Hurricane Monopoly

Finish knitting project

knitting with bea

Finish hand sewing project

Star-leaf quilt block complete

Take a walk and rejoice in the crisp, cool weather that blows in after a hurricane blows out

summer walk

And, after eating mostly crackers and Lebanon bologna all day and wondering aloud how far we’d have to drive to find an open Cracker Barrel, (nursing mamas get hungry!) rejoice again when the power comes back on after only 14 hours!

Although I’m sure being without power would rapidly have lost its idyllic charm had it been much longer than a day, (especially because we have an electric well pump) this day made me feel extremely lucky to be surrounded by the family we have created and grateful that we were able to enjoy being unplugged, together.

This is not my beautiful house

Binding Almost DoneNope.  It’s my in-laws’.  Our house was not quite ready to be occupied on moving day- just lacking a few things like water and heat… so while our things might be at the new place, we ourselves are currently enjoying a cozy fire, conversation, and hot and cold running water courtesy of our gracious family. I was able to bring one sewing project with me: sewing down the binding on my Pinwheel Love Story quilt ( I will share the story behind the name when the pattern is ready).  I tend to get twitchy when I don’t have anything to work on, so for everyone’s sake, I hope the house is ready soon!  I am super excited about the next quilt pattern I have planned and I just can’t wait to get into my new studio and get cutting!

Binding Folded

I do love sewing on binding though.  It’s steady, mindless work so your thoughts tend to wander, dreaming up your next project or just admiring the one you are finishing up.  This one is backed with one of my favorite Kaffe Fassett prints which made it that much more fun to work on the binding.  Thanks Kaffe!