This is not my beautiful house

Binding Almost DoneNope.  It’s my in-laws’.  Our house was not quite ready to be occupied on moving day- just lacking a few things like water and heat… so while our things might be at the new place, we ourselves are currently enjoying a cozy fire, conversation, and hot and cold running water courtesy of our gracious family. I was able to bring one sewing project with me: sewing down the binding on my Pinwheel Love Story quilt ( I will share the story behind the name when the pattern is ready).  I tend to get twitchy when I don’t have anything to work on, so for everyone’s sake, I hope the house is ready soon!  I am super excited about the next quilt pattern I have planned and I just can’t wait to get into my new studio and get cutting!

Binding Folded

I do love sewing on binding though.  It’s steady, mindless work so your thoughts tend to wander, dreaming up your next project or just admiring the one you are finishing up.  This one is backed with one of my favorite Kaffe Fassett prints which made it that much more fun to work on the binding.  Thanks Kaffe!