Bringing Home Dolly Sewing Pattern

I did it!  I finally filled in all the info and published my dolly carrier pattern on Craftsy!  I had this huge mental block about re-typing all the fabric requirements and such.  Took me two months to suck it up and get it done 🙂 But here it is, the project that I dreamed up to go along with my Jasmine Tea fabric-

Because I had all things baby on my mind when I was designing Jasmine Tea-I designed it during that little “honeymoon” period with a newborn when they are so sweet and squishy and cuddly and all you want to do is hold them and carry them around all day- so it only seemed fitting to design a doll carrier so big sister could carry her baby around too!

The pattern has two sizes, to fit dolls up to 14″ or 18″.  The dolly quilt features sweet little butterflies which you can make from tiny scraps.  And I even included instructions to make a matching child’s quilt!

I’m so happy to finally make this pattern available – my 4 year old uses the samples I made every single day to put her babies to bed, and I’m sure the children in your life will love it as well!

If you use the pattern please send me pics, I would love to see them!

I Intend to Finish…

I noticed that some of my friends are linking up to A Lovely Year of Finishes, to encourage finishing what we start. I love the magic of setting goals, speaking goals out loud, writing goals down… It really makes it happen.  So here are my sewing goals for this month:

I’d like to have this in and out of the hand quilting frame.  I have it taped to the floor tonight so I can mark the quilting lines, and I’ll load it this weekend.  No Prob, right?

Back photo_1LR

Also, I need to hit Publish on my first pattern- The pattern is all done but I’ve been balking at filling out all the info on Craftsy.  So here, a public declaration, the pattern for my doll carrier and quilt will be available THIS MONTH!  🙂

Work in Progress Wednesday

I’m so excited about my two newest works in progress- because new projects are so much more fun than already-in-progress projects 🙂

I cut both of these out over the past week.

This one is all my own fabric in the green and blue colorways that I haven’t really used yet- plus lots of light solid triangles.  It’s going up on the design wall this week.

This one isn’t getting design wall-ed.  I like having something I can sew together without thinking right now.   The Heather Ross piggies were my jumping-off point when choosing my fabrics.  It combines a few of my fabrics with a bunch that I “had” to buy because they matched my fabric, but it still needs something… maybe a warmer reddish-pink?  I’ll look around next time I get down into the fabric dungeon.

Linking up to WiP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Because I wanted to

And not because there was nothing else I should be doing 🙂

I indulged in a little improv patchwork with my growing pile of Jasmine Tea scraps.  And a little of the Fuchsia Echino birds that perfectly match my Fuchsia Tile print.  I set my machine up on the kitchen table and let Evelyn and Violet hand me scraps to sew together.  I finished it up this morning while Garrett vacuumed which was altogether a very pleasant morning.   I intended it to be a cushion cover, a one-and-done sort of project.

Echino Birds matched my fabrics perfectly- I was literally obligated to make the purchase 🙂

But since this 20×20 square did not diminish my pile of scraps at all, I am thinking it needs to become something bigger.  And so another quilt is begun.

I’m ready to watch the playoffs.  I can’t sit and watch TV without a project to work on, so I’ve got this quilt all prepared for hand applique.  I pieced the background the other day, and last night I basted the flowers down.

As you can see, I was lazy and didn’t feel like calculating anything, so I just put up the old quilt on the wall and kept cutting pieces of the grey until the whole thing was covered up. Pathetic!  But it worked.

Now I am ready for some couch time with the family.

(We are from Steelers Country, but they had too many injuries to have a chance at advancing this year, so I’m rooting for the Seattle Seahawks.  Because  I have always loved the deep blue- green of their uniforms.  They kinda look like lizards.  Oh and because Gar and I both work for companies based in Seattle and we sort of dayderam about someday ending up there… )

And there was happiness in the land…

So over the weekend, our mailman brought not just one, but two big boxes, stuffed to the brim with fabric!!

The first box was from In The Beginning, and it held my sample cuts of my new fabric collection.  That means that it’s only a few weeks until it hits the stores!  All that stuff that I drew, like a million years ago when Bea was a baby, is finally printed on fabric.  Yay!

The second box, which may possibly have been even more exciting, was all the fabric that I ordered from Pink Chalk, to go with my own designs…

Yes! Boxes of fabric!

I have to be honest here, I don’t like making quilts with only one collection of fabric, and that includes my own collections.  I love the richness that begins to accrue when you use fabrics from different designers, different companies.  The colors are going to be slightly different, the style of the prints and the line weights are a little different, and it all adds up to be so much more than just one designer’s variations on a theme.

So, in order to make stuff from all the yards of my own fabric that are taking over my sewing space,   I needed to buy more fabric.  You understand.

I hope to share some of the combinations that I’m really excited about over the next few weeks.

Here’s the first one I am working on- using the Fuchsia and purpley-blues from my collection plus a few precious Liberty Tana Lawns.

Another giant Dresden/Chrysanthemum quilt somewhat like this one:

which I did for Stitch Magazine summer 2012,  but I think I’m going to shake up the chrysanthemums in a different way this time.  I always wanted to see it done in prints.

Now you all know what I’ll be working on at Saturday’s DCMQG meeting!  In between working on the Austin charity quilt of course.   I can multi-task.  Can I ever.