Still Nesting

All I want to do is cozy up and knit.  And sew receiving blankets.  And work on this most epic of baby quilts, and rearrange bedroom furniture.  And look at my big kids and marvel at how much they have grown.

For more than two weeks now, I’ve been having random contractions starting in the early afternoon and getting more intense as the evening comes, and I’ll think maybe tonight will be the night.  We go to sleep and I wake up the next day like nothing happened.  Then after lunch it starts up again. It just makes me want to stay home, cozy and safe, and get ready.

My original due date has come and gone, my revised due date is this week.  If baby follows the pattern set by her siblings, we still have a couple of weeks to go before we get to meet her.  My speed as I go about my day has slowed to a crawl.  Or more accurately, a shuffle.  I putter around the house, I keep the existing children fed and reasonably clean.  I pick up my knitting and do a row, and put together some hexies.  I don’t feel bad about sleeping late in the morning.  If something is essential, Garrett will probably take care of it for me.  And if he doesn’t, it probably didn’t need to be done. I feel quite liberated, actually.  And really I don’t mind the wait.  I love being pregnant, I love that the baby is all mine and always with me (yet so easy to take care of!)  and I’ll miss this feeling so much when it is gone.  We’re taking our time getting baby’s essentials ready, so the extra time has been useful as well.

A week and a half ago I skipped a DC Modern Quilt Guild event that we’ve been working on for months.  We had invited speakers and pop-up shops to the gallery where our quilts are currently on exhibit for a full afternoon of quilty goodness.  And I had been so excited to go.  The event was practically designed just for me.  When we picked the date, I thought I wouldn’t have a problem attending, because all my babies arrive late. But as the date crept up on me and these “warm-up” contractions became a regular event, I couldn’t bring myself to be so far away all day.  I don’t even really want to be out in public.  Plus Hubs was convinced that I would end up delivering alone in some crowded DC hospital instead of the relaxing home birth we have planned.

So I skipped it; I stayed home and left the other officers to run the event and welcome the speakers.  How lucky I am that they were there for me.  I’m so very grateful.  Also sad for missing it and feeling guilty for reneging on my presidential duties.  And feeling a little silly for feeling guilty, because I’m sure the day went just fine without little old me.  But I suppose I need to let go of all that and keep looking ahead, right?

This is a little nursing blankie I’m working on.  It’s meant to be a tube that will slip over my shoulders, so it will stay around me, rather than using a regular blanket, which you have to pay attention to to keep it from slipping off your shoulder.  I’ll let you know if it works out the way I imagine.  The yarn is hand-spun and hand-dyed merino, and it feels lovely.  I probably would not have gotten into this thick-and-thin yarn had my husband not bought me this book as a little surprise gift early on in the pregnancy.  But once I tried it I find the unique texture to be really pretty.  And shopping for handspun, hand-dyed yarn on Etsy is just really fun.

I do what I want…

Hmm, little ones are tucked in bed, big ones are watching sports, so which should I tackle?


Or, This!

Went to the Knitter’s Nest today to stock up for fall knitting (okay actually I went there for one thing which is not even pictured here and ended up stocking up on a few more…) So if you know me at all, you know what I’ll be doing tonight!

My “To-do” list

Hallowig on

Like just about everybody else out there, I’ve been ridiculously busy the past few weeks and it’s showing no signs of slowing up.  But, I saw these on  (How did I get there?  I don’t even know) and they just made me laugh.  Think I’m gonna take some time off and knit a wig or three.  What color should I make?  I’m thinking orange.

Hallowig on
Hallowig on

Knitting for my Bee

Tiny Hat

So I finished my second knitting project ever, the Layette Hat from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies.  There was a lot of yarn left so I started knitting up the Pom-Pom booties to go with the hat.

Tiny Booties

Aren’t these pom-poms the cutest? It took 13 feet of yarn for each pom-pom to get them this full.

Problem is, I needed a different size of needle to finish the booties, so I had to go back into the land of temptation that is my local yarn store.  I came out with the required needles plus two more balls of the cozy cream-colored merino angora, plus an orchid bamboo/wool blend and a celery green alpaca/silk yarn.  Well the baby can’t have just one hat, can she?  And doesn’t knitting for baby require the softest, coziest yarns available?  Thought so.

Layette Set

Evening Plans


This past week I have been sensing my body slowing down.  It knows, better than my conscious mind does, that now is the time to rest and gather strength for the weeks ahead.
I can feel my thoughts turning inward and imagining the little one we will all soon meet.  For most of this pregnancy I have had my mind on other things; am I doing enough for the kids I already have, am I achieving the goals I have for my business as quickly as I should, how are we ever going to turn this house into the cozy home I had imagined when we signed the lease when everything keeps breaking.  But suddenly, the only thing I can think about is: I know how to knit and I have not made my baby a hat.  This is why I learned to knit; to make cozy little things for my babes.  And even a July baby will need a soft cozy hat to keep her temperature up for the first few weeks.


I spent most of my precious energy this afternoon shepherding my other two kids in a last-minute dash to get to the yarn store before closing.   Of course the yarn store did not disappoint, and I found the perfect book of patterns along with the perfectly soft and fuzzy angora merino yarn in twenty minutes flat.  So this evening, courtesy of a dinner of leftovers from the weekend celebrations, I plan on doing nothing more than enjoying the dappled sunset from the sun porch and knitting my baby a hat.