Happy Mother’s Day to Me

I have been wanting to make a few summer dresses for my little girls- the one I already have and the one I’m expecting to arrive in a few months- and Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to place a little fabric order from Superbuzzy, don’t you think?  I got this lovely Nani Iro double gauze…

Nani Iro 2

Which at the moment I’m thinking will make sweet little bubble dresses with its unique soft drape…

Nani Iro 3

a delicate Japanese cotton lawn, which reminded me of the new tree leaves budding out against the cloudy spring skies we’ve been having, and is so smooth and fine and just wonderful to the touch (and was on sale!)

Japanese Lawn

and this pretty, pretty woven trim, which literally jumped into my cart of its own accord…

Japanese Ribbon 2

I ordered a plain cream-colored cotton voile that I intended to pair with the beautiful trim.  The plan was to make the trim the only star of the garments.  But I was surprised by how perfectly the trim coordinates with the chartreuse printed cotton lawn, so I may just have to use them together instead, and add the plain voile to the stash.

Japanese Ribbon 3

The strawberry candy they sent along never made it to the photo shoot, sorry…

Strawberry Candy

My order didn’t arrive in time for the big day, but all the same, what a lovely present to myself- and isn’t the dreaming about future projects one of the best parts of making things?

New Duds

I thought you wanted to sit down

The weather has finally turned beautiful and warm and I have been itching to make some new skirts for me and my little bee.  We are both quite a bit bigger than we were last year at this time and so we don’t have much in the way of warm-weather clothes that fit.  Since the thrift stores are pretty much the only “fabric stores” I have easy access to in my neck of the woods, I decided to pop in to the closest one and check for something inspiring.

Tiered Skirt Before

Besides two striped sheets that will make great backings for some picnic quilts I’ve been thinking about, I found this sweet pink-and-red straight skirt, and it already had a cute little ruffle at the bottom- perfect for my little girl!  I cut it into three tiers that night and after a quick morning of sewing, it now looks like this:

Tiered Skirt After

While making a small skirt out of a bigger skirt is hardly an act of crafty genius, it was such a satisfying little project, because I made exactly what I wanted out of something that nobody had wanted.   And Violet was quite happy to put it on this morning.

Violet's New Skirt 2

Don’t let the sweet face fool you; this photo was taken in a split second where she was standing still in between bouts of trying to hit her unsuspecting brother for no good reason.  She’s a little spitfire, this one.

Violets New Skirt 1

Who me?  Never.