Fabric is all over my house

And yet, there is no where it really belongs.

I keep my sewing machine in the dining room:

Fabric ready to piece in the dining room:

New fabric on the kitchen counter:

Second hand fabric in the office:

Quilt frame in the play room:

taking pics of blocks upstairs in my son’s room:

Fabric is taking over my house, people.  And this is not even showing my basement fabric storage area.   I need to get all this quilty-ness contained, and short of taking over the master bedroom (which I have not yet brought up with the Husband… )  I think my best option is to scoop it all into this officey-kind of room that we have at the front of the house.  We’ve tried using that room for a couple of different things and it’s just weird, no one ever goes in there except when I remind my son to go practice the piano.  So 20 minutes a day, tops.  I’ve been craving a space of my own; one that I can decorate with pretty fabric stacks and  bowls of perle cotton, a little place where I can go to get lost…The only problem is that the room does not have a door, and it is open to pretty much the rest of the house.  We could put up a big curtain, but a big new curtain is going to be very attractive to little people, and certainly won’t keep the smallest one from going in there and wreaking havoc as she tends to do.  What to do?