Why Faraway Road?

Because I dream of someday having a little piece of land where we can raise chickens and pigs and potatoes and winter squash… where so many black raspberries grow that we can eat our fill and still call our friends over to pick to their hearts’ content…where I can watch the sunrise and sunset with no buildings between me and the horizon… a little cottage bursting with children, a basket of handwork and a pile of wood by the stove to stave off winter’s chill…

So far in my life I’ve had bits of this fantasy come true here and there, certainly the house seems to be bursting with children at times 🙂  But I steadfastly believe that some day it will all be mine, and when I allow my mind to wander, it always returns to that faraway road, the life of my dreams.

2 thoughts on “Why Faraway Road?

  1. The quilts are amazing. Been looking at stores for a queen or king size. But havent found what I’m looking for. Do you make them for sale?

  2. I sure hope you find that far away road . We have chickens ,hogs,a family cow ,a wood stove .It is a Great live God has Blessed us with .Hope you dream comes true for you and your family

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